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“Do Your Thing” with a #FridgeShelfie for you chance to win a trip to Melbourne for a $1,000 shopping spree at Salt and Pepper Home. Find out how with Philadelphia and what my #fridgeshelfie turned into!

My favourite type of dumpling at yum cha is siu mai. With everyone in lockdown, it was time to have yum cha at home!

A restaurant in Copenhagen that makes their own cheese from raw milk from cows that graze 40km away? Sign me up!

A brief getaway to the Murray River, exploring Mildura, Robinvale and Swan Hill. Sipping wine, gin and enjoying plenty of seasonal, local produce.

Exploring the beautiful, peaceful town of Luang Prabang in Laos whilst enjoying the luxurious grounds of Sofitel and dining at 3 Nagas.

A luxury road trip from Brisbane to Byron Bay with thanks to Accor Hotels and Uber Select.

Here for a limited time only, Noma Australia is one amazing experience. Everything from the service, to the food, it won’t be a meal I’ll be forgetting any time soon.

With the carefully balanced blend of spices, why not spice up an ordinary pancake mix for a special breakfast on those lazy mornings?

I’ve had many people ask me, so here it is; the places you need to eat at when visiting the cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka.

There are many of us out there who are looking for an easier way to integrate more nutrients into our everyday diets. For me personally, I’m busier than ever, and barely home these days, so eating a balanced diet isn’t always easy. Discovering new exciting products from Nature’s Way Superfoods has definitely been a bonus.

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As part of Good Food Month, highly respected chef, Yotam Ottolenghi was in town. Promoting his new book, and attending a series of events, Iron Chef Shellie was lucky enough to score a quick interview with the main man.

Chocolate, raspberries, banana, it’s a match made in heaven. Whether it’s what you want for breakfast, or later on with a cuppa and some gossip, it will take you to a #happyplace.

Another year has passed, and I’m apparently a year older according to the universe. Am I any wiser than this time last year? Who knows; let’s take a stab in the dark and say, yes.
I decided to make a stack of pancakes to celebrate, because why have cake when you can have pancakes?!

Cinnamon rolls. Kanelbullar. Kanelbulle. After seeing many #kanelbulle-grams from Ewen, when he was swanning around in Scandinavia; I knew I HAD to make them..and well, quite frankly; it was easier, and cheaper than jumping on the next flight over to stuff my face with all the kanelbulle I could find.

Wine Food Farmgate is a program recently launched in the Mornington Peninsula region to help visitors discover hidden food and wine spots down the country lanes. They can discover artisan producers, taste a range of produce, meet the growers, connect with hatted chefs and award winning wine makers.

If there is one appliance I think you should ask Santa for this Christmas (other than a Thermomix ;)), it should be one of these New Wave Just Pizza Maker.

For crispy, perfect pizza every time, it’s great for just a person living on their own, or having a pizza party!

This post show cases some of the food and debate on offer at The Age’s Good Food Month event: Is Fine Dining Finished? at The Point Albert Park. Hosted by the amazing Dani Valent, the dinner presents contrasting dishes from the fine dining scene, and the current food fashion of the casual, shared, street food scene.

A brunch for Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy yoghurt launch at Collingwood Children’s Farm. It was like a wedding: gorgeous long tables, fragrant colourful flowers, stunning looking food. We were spoilt for choice!

A light, easy risotto made with quinoa. Perfect for the Summer months, extremely tasty and won’t leave you feeling heavy or bloated.

Ok, maybe not 101 reasons, I don’t have time to list them all. In fact I didn’t even have enough time to do all the recipes I wanted to before I put this post up, but if you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ll know skillets are so hot right now!

Cooking with cast iron skillet has many benefits. Read on to see what I made in mine, and your chance to win a voucher.

Birthday breakfast at Merchant’s Guild; indulgent pancakes, fried chicken and the best damn chai in town.

Brunch at 8 Days Cafe with a bunch of food lovers.

Things a 400g jar of Nutella can make… that is if you don’t end up eating it out the jar with a spoon first!

I am an over achiever. There. I said it.

I invited some friends over for breakfast and made so many options incase someone didn’t like one thing. But this granola had everyone fighting for the last bit!

Trying out Fonda Mexican in Winsdor.

Attending the World’s Largest Outdoor Yum Cha in Melbourne.

Road testing the lastest product from Breville, the Sous Vide. Lots of possibilities!