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A staple dish in our home. It may take a little while to prepare the sauces, but I assure you, it’s well worth it!

An interactive night hosted by Grey Goose Vodka, held at Saint Crispin. A night to immerse and awaken the senses, by exploring sweet, sour and bitter. Creating bespoke cocktails, and drinking creative concoctions made by the Grey Goose team.

This simple recipe packs a flavoursome punch. Great for Summer with an ice cold beer out on the warm deck… if you have one! If not, don’t worry, it’s still a great dish!

With Summer on its way, hotter days; nobody want’s to spend anytime near the stove. This chicken salad will soon be in your rotation come Summer no doubt. If you feel super lazy, just make it with a BBQ chicken you pick up on the way home.

Taste of Melbourne is back peeps! In fact, it starts on Thursday 14th – Sunday 17th November 2013. Keep scrolling for your chance to win a double pass to this year’s Taste of Melbourne.
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Yesterday saw me tick something off my bucket list I thought I would have never be able to tick off. Go to the Spring Racing Carnival in a marquee, in the famous Birdcage!

Bomba is the newest place in town you should add to your list. Not only for it’s stunning rooftop bar, where you can enjoy a drink, fresh air and some of Melbourne’s gorgeous sky line, but also for it’s Spanish flavoured menu.

The last in the series of Maggi posts. Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the new range of products in the Maggi range, that can make your life easier on those busy nights, surprise date nights, or as a cheaper alternative to take away.

Moroccan chicken is no exception, but I do have a tasty tip for you with this one.

Sometimes after coming home from work, the last thing you want to do is to slave away in the kitchen. With a little help from Maggi, you can have one hell of a tasty dish whipped up in no time.

Last year I won a voucher to eat at Coda; Adam D’Sylva’s restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD. It’s a bit on the pricey side, so I was glad to be able to experience it without emptying my wallet.

The food was outrageously good! I really can’t wait to go back.

Road testing the lastest product from Breville, the Sous Vide. Lots of possibilities!

I don’t believe I had sampled gozleme before until Thursday of last week. Since then, I’ve had one nearly every day; and I’ve even banh-mi-dised it. I don’t wanna get too cocky, but Banh-mi-dising could be a new food movement!

This recipe uses kin-waaaaaaaah darhling!

There was an article recently that mentioned, 2013 is International Year of Quinoa. So why not get cooking wiht it today!

I just LOVE meatballs. There’s a new place in town where I can go and take my pick with balls galore on the menu!

This is my favourite dish to make in the Thermomix.

Steam a whole chicken up top, whilst you cook the rice down below… at the same time!

This is my favourite fried chicken to make at home. Something about the buttermilk that does magical things to the texture of the chicken, to make it melt in your mouth.

A very tasty pie recipe, but that’s not hard when bacon is involved!

I join some other like minded foodies in a trip down to The Counting House, on the Mornington Peninsula.

A lovely, country style chicken dish, that utilises the sweet, crunchy, popular Jazz apple.

Hamish recently declared his dislike of shiitake mushrooms. But if I can convert him for disliking poached chicken, to really enjoying it; I thought I’d give it a red hot go with shiitake mushrooms since I loooooove them! I felt like I was trying to hide vegetables in food for children when cooking this. I

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January is a busy month; Chinese New Year, Australia Day, Blog’s Birthday & Hamsley’s Birthday (and my lovely friend Katie’s Birthday!!). So you will be getting a range of everything this month. I had this recipe in the ‘to try’ pile for a while now and finally decided it was time to give it a

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This is seriously the easiest, most tastiest dinner or lunch option you must try!! You basically do all the prep the day before, then just cook chicken, put it all in a roll and BAM! You have the best meal ever. I’ve included the full recipe below, but I left out the cucumber, and I also left

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I found the couscous lurking the back of my pantry and instantly felt like creating something with it. I had seen this recipe in yet another Donna Hay book, it looked so pretty, but the flavours weren’t something I’d normally cook up. With Hamsley being from the country, he wasn’t exposed to loads of different

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The silly season is already in full swing, and it’s probably a bad time to be trying to shed some kilos. I had my weigh in and measurement check with my PT today, and the good news is I’ve lost 12.5 cm over all (legs, arms, waist, etc…)! So whilst the number on the scales

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I was a bit reluctant to cook this as Hamsley had protested on numerous occasions he doesn’t like poached chicken. He didn’t seem thrilled to find me poaching chicken on the stove, but I stuck with it as the picture in the magazine looked so good. By the end of eating two serves, he exclaimed

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