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Pimping up the humble yo-yo with the addition of passionfruit curd!

Start the new year off with this salty, sweet combination in the ultimate cookie!

I never thought I’d ever put olive oil in chocolate chip cookie dough… until the one day I did!

There is a reason this place constantly has a queue out the door, with avid pastry fans wanting a piece of the action. Everything at Tartine Bakery is just so darn good!

The salty, sweet combination of these cookies will completely change the way you think about the humble chocolate chip cookie.

Nope, not a typo. These cookies have chickpeas in them.

A WHOLE can of chickpeas.

They are incredibly moreish, and to be honest, I’d prefer a batch of these over normal cookies!

Why make lots of cookies, when you can make one giant one in a skillet?

Add ice-cream and a chocolate drizzle sauce, and you’ll have the ultimate indulgence!

Ok, maybe not 101 reasons, I don’t have time to list them all. In fact I didn’t even have enough time to do all the recipes I wanted to before I put this post up, but if you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ll know skillets are so hot right now!

Cooking with cast iron skillet has many benefits. Read on to see what I made in mine, and your chance to win a voucher.

Hot due to the chilli and cayenne pepper in them. If you haven’t tried the chilli chocolate combo, get onto it. Heck, chicken with a chocolate mole is also good, those South Americans know how to really be versatile with chocolate.

Things a 400g jar of Nutella can make… that is if you don’t end up eating it out the jar with a spoon first!

The frozen yoghurt that was frozen in the clouds, finally arrives at my doorstep!

These are my first attempt at iced shortbread, and for my lovely friend Haz’s surprise high tea.

The humble ANZAC cookie just got better… with chocolate of course!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Traditional new year biscuits are very tedious to make, and pineapple tarts are no exception. I usually help my mum make peanut cookies, or she will make kueh bangkit, and my aunty will make kuih kapit which I learnt to make last year. Pineapple tarts are one of my favourites, and

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With Christmas on the way, it’s always a good time to have fun in the kitchen, instead of stressing out about dry turkeys and what the vegan is going to eat. I can say that as I don’t host Christmas, my lovely mum does, and she is gonna be stressing out big time this year

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COOKIEZ!!!! Friday night and we started our personal training session when the great storm of 2011 hit. Okay, okay… it wasn’t really that bad of a storm, but the rain was heavy, there was some lighting and it wasn’t safe to be doing squats and weights in the park. So after coming home early I

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A bit of a treat for the weekend, some moreish sticky date cookies. Miss A’s mum has made these before, and I was luckily enough to sample one; and boy was it delici-oh-so! I was stoked to find the recipe in one of my frantic magazine recipe ripping episodes. Hamsley loves sticky date pudding, and

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Another delicious recipe from the Baked & Delicious magazine series. These traditional German biscuits are usually a Christmas treat, but why limit yourself to only having them at Christmas? Each issue of Baked & Delicious comes with a new silicone bakeware cooking accessory to help you get cooking! And don’t forget, until Friday 30th September

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So many types of salt… To most of us, salt is salt, and we think nothing more of it. It’s something we add to water when we cook pasta, we add it to add extra flavour, or it’s that thing on the table next to the pepper. There are so many different types of salt,

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I had seen these cute little packaged cookies on one of my countless times to the grocery store. I nearly bought them a few times, but didn’t, as I thought I’d be a god girl and get fruit instead. But I tell you what, life is too short, and cookies must be enjoyed! My all

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This won’t be the most comprehensive wrap up of the Spring picnic we had yesterday. I’m sure Penny or Thanh will have a more detailed wrap up of the event. I was so overwhelmed trying everything in site I forgot to take photos! If you haven’t been following, Billy & Karen up in Sydney started

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I thought I’d better try one of the recipes Emma sent to me with the Green & Black’s chocolate. It was either this recipe of the white and dark chocolate mousse; but considering I didn’t have any white chocolate, cookies it was.   I didn’t have any wholemeal self raising flour, so I just used

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my first ever attempt at the gingerbread construction industry. It took me pretty much the good part of a day getting the architectural plans from Martha Stewart, the foundation mixture together from Donna Hay, and the exterior decorating and landscape gardening done. After 2 rounds of putting the

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I finally made time to do some baking. It’s been a few weeks since I brought together the power of butter, sugar and flour to create something sweet and scrumptious. I bought the Gourmet Traveller chocolate cookbook from a bargain book store for $6 a while ago, back when I went trekking for my first

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I’ve been wanting to make snickerdoodles for some time now since seeing them in a cookbook. Seeing Lorraine’s cinnadoodles a while back made me want to make them even more! It’s the glittery sugar coating that makes these babies look so delicious. Whilst they look like a sugar cookie, it’s the nutmeg that gives a

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