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A mushroomy Asian dish I give a whirl from Donna Hay.

This Japanese vegetarian pancake is great for clearing out the dredges of the fridge!

Who knew marmalade in a noodle dish would work so well?

Not just available at your local Chinese restaurant, it’s easy to make it home too!

Super easy way to create a tasty meal!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Traditional new year biscuits are very tedious to make, and pineapple tarts are no exception. I usually help my mum make peanut cookies, or she will make kueh bangkit, and my aunty will make kuih kapit which I learnt to make last year. Pineapple tarts are one of my favourites, and

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This recipe is a winner, and years later this is still my go to recipe.

Meatballs don’t just have to be served in a tomato sauce with pasta!

An Asian take on the traditional pavlova.

Essentially, Vietnamese meatballs!

Perfect for dinner or packed lunches for work.

Filipino food has now hit South Melbourne!

Come for the banh mi, stay for everything else.

Sometimes you want a cookbook that is straight to the point; pretty pictures, easy to follow recipes, one you can grab off the shelf and it will have the answer to that weekday “what am I going to cook!?” dilemma. 50 Fabulous Curries is just that. Page after page of pretty, moreish looking curries that

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The menu changes regularly, but it’ consistently tasty!

A great variety of Malaysian dishes in the suburbs of Melbourne.

A slice of Malaysia right here in Melbourne.

A nice little blogger night, sharing Malaysian food.

A group of friends cook from the same cookbook and share in the ultimate pot luck!

When I was growing up, I despised tomato but smothered everything in tomato sauce. My Hamsley hates pumpkin… yet likes pumpkin soup. So when the latest Good Food magazine had this recipe for Thai pumpkin soup I tried it the next day after seeing the recipe. I was then reminded how much I hate peeling

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A chance to met Poh and eat some delicious Malaysian Food.

Pandan is essentially Asian vanilla, so it’s no surprises that this tastes great!

Remember Marion from Masterchef series 2? For a while there, we all thought she would win the cooking competition, but it came down to a satay sauce…. a sauce that sent her home.  Thankfully she has worked on her satay sauce techniques and launched her new range of easy to cook at home Thai food

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Thanks again to the lovely Penny for hosting the International Incident Party. I forgot about the cooking party for a while there, but I’m hopefully back for good. Ahhhhh nostalgia! I managed to fill a whole page with meals I loved growing up. I always think back to eating noodles at my aunty/godmother’s house. She

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This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. This post will be short and sweet; just like making my favourite beef salad. Despite my love of blogging, it’s been a long day, and well I want to do other stuff too, like save the world in Little Big Planet, bake, or even watch grass grow. This applies

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