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There is a reason this place constantly has a queue out the door, with avid pastry fans wanting a piece of the action. Everything at Tartine Bakery is just so darn good!

Grapes are a great snack to have on hand, but there are also many ways you can cook them to mix things up a little.

Jazz Apple season is in full swing again. I decided to make a smaller version of the gorgeous looking fine apple tart from Flour & Stone. Whilst It might not be exactly the same, it’s still a winner in my books!

Christmas isn’t complete without mince tarts. I made these for a food styling / photography class that Billy Law was hosting in Melbourne. They were styled by the students of the class.

One of my favourite memories of work, was taking this tart in after we had a Mexican feast. This tart packs an alcoholic punch! Needless to say, we were pretty jolly for the rest of the day!!

I’ve renamed these “crack tarts” cos you won’t be able to stop at just one, or two… or three!

A very rich, chocolately and salty tart. So rich, I couldn’t even finish a whole slice! … perhaps I cut slices that were too big.

These cute little tartlets are easy to make, and will wow a crowd!

As if banoffee pie wasn’t indulgent enough; I give you, chocolate banoffee pie!

Chocolate, hazelnuts and Frangelico. It’s a lovely tart, but be careful if you have false teeth!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Traditional new year biscuits are very tedious to make, and pineapple tarts are no exception. I usually help my mum make peanut cookies, or she will make kueh bangkit, and my aunty will make kuih kapit which I learnt to make last year. Pineapple tarts are one of my favourites, and

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Sorry in advance. This may be torture to those starting new years’ diets. I thought I’d share some ideas for Australia Day coming up, in case you are entertaining or need to bring a dish. What’s more Australian than Tim Tams? Everyone seems to love them, I personally could take or leave them, which my

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If you are on a strict diet, look away…. I was luckily enough to be one of the lucky tweeters when the call for people to sample the new desserts from my favourite place in town went out. Along with other passionate foodies, we indulged in the lastest creations from super couple Bernard and Yen

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Melbourne’s answer to Adriano Zumbo? I’ve not been to Zumbo in Sydney… YET. But I’ve seen enough to think when Zumbo finally opens in Melbourne he may just have a bit of competition. Lux Bite is a cute little cafe with gorgeous looking desserts with quirky names. The staff are extremely friendly, and their enthusiasm

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Theme 4: Love Cookbook Used: Chocolate A Love Story Author: Max Brenner & Artwork by Yonatan Factor Last year for TCC love theme I cooked Hamsley and I a Valentine’s meal, complete with love heart shaped pasta and cupcakes. This year I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to express my love for

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Ever since I started liking chai, the name Bondi Chai has been mentioned many times. Figuring it was only something limited to Sydney people, I moved on with my life. I should have just taken 2 seconds to look at their website to see that they are stocked nationwide! Bondi Chai is Australian’s only Gold

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Valentine’s Day… a load of rubbish if you ask me! I spent the evening with my man and some of my closest friends at a free Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. We had an excellent time, hogged a bit too much of the grass, and ate way too much. We

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You’ll have to excuse the photography yet again! Not my best work, however this tart was just delicious! I thought this was going be to ridiculously sweet when I licked the spoon of the marshmallow topping. However it turned out to be just perfect! The base with the almond meal, compliments the marshmallow and jam

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It’s been a while since I last posted hasn’t it? Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy, I have been offered a new job which I will start at the end of the month, so interviews and things have been keeping me busy! So, first post for the week is these delicious pumpkin and feta pies

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