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This place has a reputation for the best corn fritters in town. I head on over to see what everyone is talking about.

This is my favourite dish to make in the Thermomix.

I can’t tell you how amazeballs this dish is. It’s saucy, it’s comforting, and just oh my gawd so perfect!

Some damn fine bread coming out of the Brasserie Bread HQ in South Melbourne.

Melba at Southbank’s Langham Hotel has been my “go to” buffet place for years.

With it’s large array for fresh seafood, it’s the start of many good things to come.

I join some other like minded foodies in a trip down to The Counting House, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Meatballs don’t just have to be served in a tomato sauce with pasta!

So here it is, my long awaited review; the battle between Thermochef vs Thermomix.

Take your bbq-ed corn to the next level.

It’s something I’d only imagine I’d do….. hop on a bicycle, and pedal around a gourmet town. Hopping on and off whilst sampling the deliciousness each producer had to offer. So when I was actually offered to do this, there was no hesitation to say yes. The destination; Milawa.

A classic dish, made easily with the help of my new Thermomix!

Two friends take two days to make two Heston recipes and eat them in 5 minutes.

So blogging in sequence, the third stop on the 12 hour eatathon was Max’s Restaurant at Red Hill Estate. This is where I met up with Thanh, and we spent about half an hour tasting ALL the wine…. yup, that’s right; EVERY SINGLE WINE, including one that wasn’t even on the list! So, even though

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Amazing view isn’t it? Just you wait till you see how amazing it looks inside! As promised, the first of many posts from my trip to Peninsula. This was the first stop on my trip, and the first food that entered my belly in a 12 hour non-stop eating tour of the Mornington Peninsula.

I was somehow lucky enough to score an invitation to a once in a lifetime dining experience at the historic Werribee Mansion, as well as stay a night at the amazing Mansion Hotel & Spa at Werribee Park. Formerly St Joseph’s Seminary, created by the Corpus Christi College in 1926. Special permission was granted to

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This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. This post will be short and sweet; just like making my favourite beef salad. Despite my love of blogging, it’s been a long day, and well I want to do other stuff too, like save the world in Little Big Planet, bake, or even watch grass grow. This applies

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Recreating Bangkok street food at home.

For me, the Little Creatures Brewing Co. can do no wrong. I ❤ their beer, I ❤ their cider, I ❤ their well matched, perfectly cooked food and their funky eateries. Now, I can add to that; I ❤ their Moscato. I was lucky enough to score Hamsley’s birthday off work, and with him sitting

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Theme 1: Stonefruit Cookbook Used: Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book Author: Ben R. Cohen and Jerry Greenfield The cookbook challenge is back! This time we are doing it fortnightly instead of weekly so we have a better chance of staying on track. It was great to end last year’s challenge with

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Hope you all had a great Christmas and have hit up the sales like I have! I’m still festively swollen around my mid section so will be looking like a stuffed turkey on the beach later this week. I thought I’d have more energy to blog now that I’m on holidays, but I’m still trying

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WBC; could it be the World’s Best Cereal? It’s a big call to make, so my expectations were high. WBC The Real Cereal Company offers two varieties of super healthy cereals; Power Packed Cereal and Natural Juicy Cereal Bircher. I first had my encounter with bircher muesli around this time last year when I made

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I have this tool, because of Martha Stewart. I recently saw the light, that I could set Martha’s show to record whilst I’m at work. So when it was my turn to have some TV time, I was watching her show and there was a cupcake special. They kept using an ice-cream scoop as it

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Lots to blog, so little time. And November will be month of the pot luck lunches with the Cookbook Challenge coming to an end; we are having a gathering to celebrate the last theme, and the next Cooking the Books feast scheduled. Not forgetting Celeste’s Malaysian Hawker Feast to come in December, and a few

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The first gathering of cookbook addicts.

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang I thought I might be the first blogger to blog about the Coin Laundry cafe, but Ashley beat me to it! Check out her review to see the pretty lattes, and her gorgeous photos. I wouldn’t have known about Coin Laundry if my work colleague Kaitlin didn’t tell me about

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