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Last year I won a voucher to eat at Coda; Adam D’Sylva’s restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD. It’s a bit on the pricey side, so I was glad to be able to experience it without emptying my wallet.

The food was outrageously good! I really can’t wait to go back.


Or, as my Dad says it… “Mush room a noom a noooms!”

July marks Mushroom Mania month, and this year I’ve been selected to be one of the official bloggers to help show case some of the mushroom dishes around this fine country of ours.

If you love coffee, and high tea; then you’ll just LOVE High Coffee at the Intercontinental Melbourne.

Birthday breakfast at Merchant’s Guild; indulgent pancakes, fried chicken and the best damn chai in town.

Brunch at 8 Days Cafe with a bunch of food lovers.

What better way to end my birthday weekend than with a gorgeous high tea at Bursaria, at Abbotsford Convent.

Dining at The Swiss Club in anticipation for the upcoming Swiss Festival.

A new player in the cafe scene is Platform Espresso. With it’s bright, sleek dining atmosphere, owners Patty and Pete have one simple goal; the best produce served well and served with a smile.

I join a restaurant safari to see what you can expect at this year Taste of Melbourne.

A preview of what’s to come at this year’s Taste of Melbourne.

Located in the hipster part of town, De Clieu offers amazing coffee and some good fare to go along with it.

This place has a reputation for the best corn fritters in town. I head on over to see what everyone is talking about.

These are my first attempt at iced shortbread, and for my lovely friend Haz’s surprise high tea.

Snow Pony is famous for it’s smashed avocado on toast; but I say their banana bread is also a winner.

I was invited down to South Wharf Promenade to try Shed 5 with a large handful of other bloggers for a night of Greek cuisine.

What’s been happening?

I’ve been munching on canelés, and checking out The Little Ox cafe in Brighton.

Some damn fine bread coming out of the Brasserie Bread HQ in South Melbourne.

What’s been going on:
• Foodie Fridays
• High Tea at the Movies
• Souper Burger

One of my favourite places to dine, The Langham hotel in Melbourne, has collaborated with renowned dessert chef Darren Purchese of Burch & Purchese (Chapel St, South Yarra); to create three amazing afternoon teas that will be available at the ARIA Bar and Lounge. Whilst you can purchase a whole range on impossible to imagine sweets from

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Ask any Filipino person in Melbourne where you can get good Filipino food in Melbourne and they will either tell you no where, somewhere on the other side of town, or their kitchen (or Mother’s kitchen). The newest place in town that has Filipino influenced food is the proud project of Cherrie and her brother

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FOUND! Good Cendol in Melbourne! …. well the suburbs of Melbourne… Clayton to be specific! With the menu changing daily, and updates about the menu being released on via their twitter account, there are many opportunities to try a variety of delicious treats from the motherland. Tea Tarik Victor and his wife come from Melaka

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Been there, done that; worked on my jawceps. It seems pork belly is the new black. Everyone, anywhere is serving it up, and the people are going gaga for it. I would have to be one of the last food bloggers to try the pork belly baguette at Earl Canteen. Tucked away in the lawyer

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I thought I’d review my favourite place for Malaysian food, Straits. It’s located in the outer suburb of Wantirna, and is constantly busy. You used to be able to just wonder in and get a table. Now, if you don’t book, good luck to you. Popiah I’ve wanted to try Popiah ever since I saw

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I’ve been wanting to try Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam for quite some time now, but it was quite out of the way for someone on the east side to check out on a whim. So I asked a fellow food blogger and and her family (hubby + two kids aged 1 and 5) to join me

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How many platefuls of hot original churros do you reckon you could eat in 2 minutes? Go on think about it…..  fresh golden brown churros… crispy on the outside and fluffy in middle, rolled in cinnamon sugar. Me: I don’t want to think about it….. last week I consumed enough churros to last me till

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I found B & P randomly after parking at Como with my lovely friend Miss A, as we were about to start doing some retail ‘chap laps’. We checked it out and it seemed like a sweet heaven. I didn’t purchase any cakes, but I did take home some other goodies. So after seeing Darren

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