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Shellie Froidevaux is food stylist, photographer, graphic designer and cook.

Food. All about the food. Shellie is dedicated to food, experienced in creativity, a lover of travel and obsessed with collecting styling props. She is always on the look out for something new, something that might spark inspiration for her next project or collaboration.

Shellie is committed to working in the culinary world, to style and shoot her way through the most delicious and inspiring temptations of today. Although based in Melbourne, Australia; Shellie is free to travel worldwide for styling, photography and blogging.

“I don’t shoot portraits, I won’t do weddings, I don’t do real estate and please don’t ever ask me to photograph your puppy dog! I love food, I shoot food, I style food and I will travel the world in search of food inspiration and the people who put their life into cooking, baking, farming, growing and enjoying. It’s all about the food.”


Want to work together?

  • Style & Shoot In My Kitchen Studio
  • On Location Photo Shoot
  • Social Media & Photo Packages
  • Recipe Development

Drop me a line for my rate card. For inquiries about commissioned work, collaborations, sponsorship, or just to say a friendly hello; send an email to: 


  • Client Work - Brown Brothers. Prosecco Picnic.
  • Client Work - Carman's Cafe Granola.
  • Client Work - Little Bertha. Christmas shoot with Ewen Bell.
  • Client Work - Schweppes. Recipe development, styling and photography.
  • Client Work - Lavazza - Peter Rowland Spring Racing
  • Client Work - City of Greater Dandenong. (Along with Ewen Bell, all photography in this brochure was done by the two of us).
  • Client Work - Lydia Schiavello. Cocktail shoot for
  • Client Work - Green Olive @ Red Hill
  • Client Work - Saychol Thai
  • Social Media Influencer - #HondaFoodTrail
  • Client Work - Bakers Delight. Recipe development, food styling and photography.
  • Client Work - Brown Brothers. Christmas In July (Recipes, Cooking, Food and Table Styling).
  • Client Work - Martyna Agnell - The Wholesome Cook. Behind the scenes shot for The Wholesome Cook, cookbook.
  • Client Work - Tortissime
  • Client Work - Nature's Way. Recipe Development.
  • Square Rooms - August 2015
  • Sunday Herald Sun - July 2015
  • Client Work - City of Wangaratta (Glen Rowan)
  • Client Work - Harry's Ice Cream (stylist work, photographer Ewen Bell)
  • Client Work - Dani Venn,
  • Client Work - Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism
  • Client Work - Ganache Chocolate (stylist only, photographer Ewen Bell)
  • Client Work - Brown Brothers (stylist only, photographer Ewen Bell)
  • Client Work - Brown Brothers (stylist only, photographer Ewen Bell)
  • Client Work - Queen Vic Market (Guest Instagrammer)
  • Yahoo! Cake of the Day (9th December 2014)
  • GRAM Magazine (October 2014)
  • Weekend Notes (October 2014)
  • Client Work - Aussie Farmers Direct
  • Client Work - Cafe Cui
  • Client Work - Orient Heritage
  • Australian House & Garden (March 2014)
  • Flavour Magazine (2014)
  • Client Work - Olive Oils of Spain
  • Client Work - Operator 25
  • Client Work - Olive Oils of Spain
  • Client Work - Springhill Farm (stylist only, photographer Ewen Bell)
  • Client Work - Ganache Chocolate (stylist only, photographer Ewen Bell)
  • Client Work - Ba'get


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