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You know Summer has arrived when the strawberries are sweet and juicy. A strawberry tart with a luscious lemon filling and meringue kisses is bound to impress!

I’ve been lucky enough to be doing some work with Aussie Farmers Direct over the last month, and I’m so happy I can finally share what has been cranking out of my kitchen! Aussie Farmers Direct started eight years ago with one van, 100 litres of milk, and a local neighbourhood of customers that loved they did.

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This recipe for Sardine Bruschetta is so good it might literally take you to Spain and back. Give it a go, share your results and enter the competition to win a trip.

Years ago, you couldn’t pay me enough to eat chickpeas. I still feel this way about kidney beans but I’m currently smitten with chickpeas <3 If you are after a really easy dinner with tasty results to make your mouth sing; try this recipe.

This simple recipe packs a flavoursome punch. Great for Summer with an ice cold beer out on the warm deck… if you have one! If not, don’t worry, it’s still a great dish!

Happy New Year to you all! May 2014 be your best year on this large gassy planet that is hurling it’s way through space Let’s start the year off with this triple decker pavlova that mated with a fruit shop.

One of my favourite memories of work, was taking this tart in after we had a Mexican feast. This tart packs an alcoholic punch! Needless to say, we were pretty jolly for the rest of the day!!

Summer requires easy dishes that don’t require much time in the heat of the kitchen. This tasty salad is one that I should make more often!

Even though it might not be the season for strawberries, there aren’t any shortage of them around It’s definitely a cake I’ll be making again. I can imagine it looking amazing on a picnic spread when the warmer weather comes back!

What do you get when you combine cake, meringue and some of my favourite strawberries?

A strawberry meringue layer cake, recipe by Nigella Lawson.

I’ve renamed these “crack tarts” cos you won’t be able to stop at just one, or two… or three!

Need a quick dessert that is a bit out of the ordinary? These quick and easy bombe alaskas don’t take much time, but are always a crowd favourite.

A birthday cake based on an iconic Aussie cookie. This nearly turned into an episode of “my drunk kitchen” as well!

This recipe uses kin-waaaaaaaah darhling!

There was an article recently that mentioned, 2013 is International Year of Quinoa. So why not get cooking wiht it today!

A twist on the traditional peach melba, using mangoes. A great summery dessert for everyone!