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A cute little cake idea to spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day. Coconut, raspberry and cream cheese will definitely earn you brownie points!

This cake came about as I didn’t have certain ingredients in the recipe at home. It was a pretty cake that I wanted to make, but my pantry and liquor cabinet lacked certain supplies. The result was even better than I could have hoped for!

Chocolate, raspberries, banana, it’s a match made in heaven. Whether it’s what you want for breakfast, or later on with a cuppa and some gossip, it will take you to a #happyplace.

Happy New Year to you all! May 2014 be your best year on this large gassy planet that is hurling it’s way through space Let’s start the year off with this triple decker pavlova that mated with a fruit shop.

Who doesn’t love a pavlova?

Even if it fails, you can just smother it in cream and dress it with lots of pretty fruits. It’s a favourite all year around, not just in Summer.

There is something about yoghurt that makes the texture of a cake so smooth, light and keeps it (here comes that word everyone hates)… it keeps the cake *moist*.

Once you try this one, you’ll see what I mean, and you’ll be hooked!

Sometimes you buy pretty cookbooks with the best intentions to cook from them but never do. I finally decided it was time to cook from Miette, and make a cake for our receptionist’s baby shower / going away.

What a gorgeous and moreish cake!

I’ve wanted to make a puffed apple pancake for some years now. Not months. YEARS.

Yesterday I was determined to not wait any longer, and got to the task of making it in my new skillet. What a gorgeous way to start the day!

A birthday cake based on an iconic Aussie cookie. This nearly turned into an episode of “my drunk kitchen” as well!

A lovely recipe from Belinda Jeffery, using seasonal berries and a crumble topping.

Who knew REAL lemonade was so easy to make. Add some berries and you have a new flavour instantly!

Today Iron Chef Shellie turns 4! It’s been another amazing year to be a food blogger. Making lots of new friends, I finally got up to Sydney to gorge myself on Zumbo treaties and there was even a trip to New Zealand! I hope you have enjoyed reading, and I hope we can share many

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If you are on a strict diet, look away…. I was luckily enough to be one of the lucky tweeters when the call for people to sample the new desserts from my favourite place in town went out. Along with other passionate foodies, we indulged in the lastest creations from super couple Bernard and Yen

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Well, what a weekend. Lisa asked me if I wanted to team up and recreate Heston’s perfect baked Alaska. I’m not sure what sparked it, but I think it was the baked Alaska on Masterchef and many tweets, that prompted it. And if that wasn’t enough, we decided we would also attempt Heston’s perfect burger

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Melbourne’s answer to Adriano Zumbo? I’ve not been to Zumbo in Sydney… YET. But I’ve seen enough to think when Zumbo finally opens in Melbourne he may just have a bit of competition. Lux Bite is a cute little cafe with gorgeous looking desserts with quirky names. The staff are extremely friendly, and their enthusiasm

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The annual banquet my aunt / godmother prepares was a little after Chinese New Year this year, as we were waiting for my aunty to come back from overseas (you can see photos of what we ate here). She doesn’t have a huge kitchen, so it’s amazing how such restaurant quality food comes out to

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Week 15 Theme: Muffins Cookbook Used: Bourke Street Bakery Author: Paul Allam and David McGuinness I’ve wanted to make these muffins since seeing them on Adski’s blog, Totally Addicted To Taste. I thought the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook was a bakery in Melbourne, as we also have a Bourke Street. But low and behold I

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  I made you this cake to celebrate! Iron Chef Shellie turns 2 today! And because I am an absolute idiot…or the interweb/computer is, I lost the first draft of this post, and I’m having to type it for the 2nd time. It only seems fitting doesn’t it. *sigh* It doesn’t help that I’ve left

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Week 9 Theme: Berry Cookbook Used: Delicious – Quick Smart Cook Author: Valli Little   I know I’m meant to be using a variety of my cookbooks for the cookbook challenge… but I seem to have used this particular book about 3 times now or so. It’s not my fault there are so many delicious

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Masterchef inspired lots of us to make things we had never made before. A few weeks ago, I attempted the art of macarons. Having just bought the latest edition of the Australian Gourmet Traveller because of it’s gorgeous looking macarons on the front cover, I was keen to give them a go. Although, for some

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I have just finished making the cutest Christmas cupcakes and wanted to share them immediately with you. You will have to excuse the not so creative photography as they are all packed up in my cupcake courier ready for transportation for a Christmas party. They are taken from Donna Hay’s latest magazine: Issue number 42.

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Saturday is my favorite day of the weekend. You can sleep in and know that there is still one more sleep in till you have to face the music of being at work again. So what could possibly make my Saturday better? …. chocolate of course! I tore this recipe out of a magazine a

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Saturday night I had Iron Chef Alana, her boyfriend and my boy over for dinner. Decided to make my parma again and Iron Chef Alana brought over a gorgeous garden salad and garlic bread. For dessert I decided to try yet another recipe I discovered during the week on the taste website. To be honest

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