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Cinnamon rolls. Kanelbullar. Kanelbulle. After seeing many #kanelbulle-grams from Ewen, when he was swanning around in Scandinavia; I knew I HAD to make them..and well, quite frankly; it was easier, and cheaper than jumping on the next flight over to stuff my face with all the kanelbulle I could find.

Christmas isn’t complete without mince tarts. I made these for a food styling / photography class that Billy Law was hosting in Melbourne. They were styled by the students of the class.

Nope, not a typo. These cookies have chickpeas in them.

A WHOLE can of chickpeas.

They are incredibly moreish, and to be honest, I’d prefer a batch of these over normal cookies!

A flavoursome dish that packs a punch. Easy enough to prepare after work without turning the kitchen into a bomb site!

Things a 400g jar of Nutella can make… that is if you don’t end up eating it out the jar with a spoon first!

I am an over achiever. There. I said it.

I invited some friends over for breakfast and made so many options incase someone didn’t like one thing. But this granola had everyone fighting for the last bit!

Why not mill some quinoa into flour and make cupcakes! It provides for a lovely toffee flavour.

What do you get when you combine cake, meringue and some of my favourite strawberries?

A strawberry meringue layer cake, recipe by Nigella Lawson.

Pesto is something I had never made before until now. Great as a pizza topping, pasta sauce, or condiment for anything else you may fancy!

Home made Nutella and peanut butter in the Thermomix. Pretty damn good if you ask me!

These cute little tartlets are easy to make, and will wow a crowd!

Why just eat chocolate, when you can create with it too?

This simple dessert looks like it takes more time that it should!

Why wait for butter to soften when you can cook with olive oil?

Two cakes made with olive oil; a chocolate cake and a hazelnut and orange cake.

Snow Pony is famous for it’s smashed avocado on toast; but I say their banana bread is also a winner.

Belinda Jeffery’s Polish honey cake made with Nerada tea.

Goes perfectly with a cup of tea!

Chocolate, hazelnuts and Frangelico. It’s a lovely tart, but be careful if you have false teeth!

This recipe ain’t for the light hearted…. diet conscious…. or diabetic.

It’s damn delicious though!

I was looking for some healthy food inspiration on the fabulous Heidi’s blog, when I stumbled upon a picture of Elvis granola. The name caught my interest, and I followed her link over to Jenna’s blog; Eat, Live, Run for the backstory and recipe. With a small amount of peanut butter, mixed with chocolately nuggets

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If you are on a strict diet, look away…. I was luckily enough to be one of the lucky tweeters when the call for people to sample the new desserts from my favourite place in town went out. Along with other passionate foodies, we indulged in the lastest creations from super couple Bernard and Yen

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This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. It’s time to take back Sundays with another great recipe inspired by Campbell’s Real Stock. An easy recipe that takes minimum effort, and produces maximum flavour. The smokiness of the paprika, and the richness of the capsicum make for the ultimate bowl of awesomeness. Add chicken and you’ve got

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Sometimes you want a cookbook that is straight to the point; pretty pictures, easy to follow recipes, one you can grab off the shelf and it will have the answer to that weekday “what am I going to cook!?” dilemma. 50 Fabulous Curries is just that. Page after page of pretty, moreish looking curries that

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Yesterday a few of us had a deep fry vs air fry lunch. Cherrie even deep fried crumbed cheese (cheddar and Camembert) and may I tell you, whilst it was all delicious, there is such a thing as too much fried food. After sipping gallons of green tea and being as active as possible after

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It’s been 1266 days since I first started this blog. Throughout that time, I’ve managed to squeeze out a humble 500 blog posts. This can either be considered woeful or impressive compared to others. For me, I don’t care; I’m just surprised I’ve lasted this long and still loving it. So instead of letting this

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Well, what a weekend. Lisa asked me if I wanted to team up and recreate Heston’s perfect baked Alaska. I’m not sure what sparked it, but I think it was the baked Alaska on Masterchef and many tweets, that prompted it. And if that wasn’t enough, we decided we would also attempt Heston’s perfect burger

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Cherrie recently dubbed me the meatball queen, to which I am honored to hold such a title 😛 I have made meatballs for every Cooking The Books we have done (wontons count as meatballs, they are meatballs wrapped in wonton skin!). I haven’t really made that many meatball recipes at home this year though, and

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