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Head out to Berwick to experience a little bit of New York City! MPD – Meat Packers District is the newest kid on the block!

An interactive night hosted by Grey Goose Vodka, held at Saint Crispin. A night to immerse and awaken the senses, by exploring sweet, sour and bitter. Creating bespoke cocktails, and drinking creative concoctions made by the Grey Goose team.

As part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2014, I was invited up to North East Victoria along with Thanh to enjoy #RegionalWeekend. The Longest Lunch seemed to be happening on The World’s Hottest Day, but was an absolute blast!

Yesterday saw me tick something off my bucket list I thought I would have never be able to tick off. Go to the Spring Racing Carnival in a marquee, in the famous Birdcage!

This dish from Jamie’s 15 minute meals IS as good as it looks. As goes with most of Jamie’s 15 minute meals, it takes more like 30 minutes, but if you make this every week, I’m sure you could have it down in 15 minutes no problems.

It looks great at tastes fantastic!

I am loving the North American food movement taking over Melbourne. I can’t get enough of true American BBQ, fried chicken, burgers, and now SUBS! I was invited down to Hero to check our their famous #limited6.

Bomba is the newest place in town you should add to your list. Not only for it’s stunning rooftop bar, where you can enjoy a drink, fresh air and some of Melbourne’s gorgeous sky line, but also for it’s Spanish flavoured menu.

As much as I LOVE being single and cooking for one, most recipes “serve 4”.. which is great, as when I’m too lazy to half the ingredients, I cook for 4 and have lots of leftovers to keep me well fed during the week. But sometimes, I get sick of eating the same dish 4 times in the same week.

With the Maggi Just for 2 range, I don’t have to worry about that! It’s just enough for 2 meals.

Road testing the lastest product from Breville, the Sous Vide. Lots of possibilities!

I just LOVE meatballs. There’s a new place in town where I can go and take my pick with balls galore on the menu!

A mushroomy Asian dish I give a whirl from Donna Hay. I think there is room for improvement on this one!

Beef cheek is a cut that needs to be slow cooked. I turned some into the delicious beef cheek sliders.

I join some other like minded foodies in a trip down to The Counting House, on the Mornington Peninsula.

A tasty combination of zingy flavours, and coupled with my awesome Mexican corn, this dish is bound to be a pleaser, even to the coriander haters!

I must confess, I’m enjoying going through my cookbooks finding healthier options to eat, and knowing I can have comfort food, without feeling like I’m the size of a Viking. In fact, I’m 2.5kg down from where I started, and my work out buddy reckons I’ve shrank around the torso over the weekend; so I

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So readers, who else is on a health kick? I know quite a few of us food bloggers are trying to lose our blogger weight… me personally, my goal is to lose around 3okg. I know it sounds like a lot, and I haven’t gained all 30kgs in the space of blogging. So the goal

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So my quest for all things with spice, zest and tang continues, as we venture into Vietnamese cuisine. They almost look like Vietnamese meatballs, I didn’t notice until I actually made the recipe myself. And we all know how much I love meatballs! The nouc cham dipping sauce definitely completes the dish. The patties themselves

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This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. Ahhhhh rib eye! The first time my mum cooked rib eye steak I thought I was on an episode of the Flintstones! It’s not a cut I buy due to it’s size and price. But for a special occasion, I’d splash out and buy it. You could easily substitute the

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So I’m a bit late for my wrap up of Taste of Melbourne this year, but better late than never. I must say, I was rather underwhelmed with this years’ event. I found the layout to be poorly designed, with lots of congestion upstairs where the restaurants were. Last year they were in better places

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Sometimes you want a cookbook that is straight to the point; pretty pictures, easy to follow recipes, one you can grab off the shelf and it will have the answer to that weekday “what am I going to cook!?” dilemma. 50 Fabulous Curries is just that. Page after page of pretty, moreish looking curries that

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My Thermomix got delivered yesterday, and after a demo with some of my friends, the big question was; what do I make first?! Hamish loves his beef stroganoff, and I barely make it because it takes such a long time and I can never been bothered standing around in the kitchen slaving away to make

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I’ve been wanting to try Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam for quite some time now, but it was quite out of the way for someone on the east side to check out on a whim. So I asked a fellow food blogger and and her family (hubby + two kids aged 1 and 5) to join me

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This wasn’t meant to go on the blog. The only photo I have is on my phone and it was instagramed. But after numerous requests for the recipe, here it is! I love phở but my favourite place to have it is a bit far away to go there on a whim. I tried an

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Theme 14: Hearty Cookbook Used: Delicious. More Please Author: Valli Little I bumped into a client on the street a few months ago, and she told me a friend had made her the deconstructed lasagne from Valli Little’s book for dinner, and it was absolutely amazing. We spent about 10 minutes talking about it, right

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Black truffles are a delicacy that date back many centuries and continue to intrigue people with the unusual way they are dug up from the ground on frosty mornings. The undeniable appeal and alluring aroma of the black truffle, also referred to as ‘the black pearls of the earth’ makes it one of the world’s

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