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Putting the new Sunbeam Zumbo Limited Edition Planetary Mixmaster to the test for a Zumbo inspired creation. PLUS your chance to win a Mixmaster!

Iron Chef Shellie turns 7 today!

From humble beginnings, to the present day crazy cakes. What better way to celebrate than with a cake covered in donuts?

Today is National Doughnut Day in America. But I’m declaring it Donut Day here in Australia too. Why should the Americans have all the fun? To celebrate, I’ve made some olive oil donuts with Olive Oils from Spain.

So I made it back into my kitchen to do some baking. After eating, and enjoying lots of free salami, I thought I’d try cooking something without using salami.. although I’m not sure how salami cupcakes would have turned out; or who would have eaten them! This recipe seemed interesting; combining doughnuts and cupcakes into

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I’ve been wanting to make doughnuts for quite some time. The only thing that really put me off was the deep frying in oil part. So when I found this recipe on for these cute doughnuts I knew I had to make them! The only problem was I didn’t own a doughnut pan, and

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