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A chance to win $20 worth of Bakers Delight vouchers; and a behind the scenes look at how Bakers Delight make their hot cross buns. Also, one totes amazeballs recipe to use up any leftover hot cross buns!

I used to have have phobia when it came to cooking fish. I seemed to have nailed it when cooking this good looking teriyaki dish!

Hot cross muffins, a little lighter than the buns, and a great twist on the Easter tradition.

Home made hot cross buns and Easter egg mousse cups.

As well as some Easter treaties you can purchase from around town.

What better way to have dulce de leche than in a cheesecake? I know at least 10 people who can vouch that this is a very good combination!

I was lucky enough to be invited into the kitchen at Bakers Delight Carnegie to get a hands on experience on what goes into making their famous hot cross buns (or bums as I like to call them). I’ve always been a fan of Bakers Delight, from their ham and mayo twirls, pizzas, crunchy rolls,

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I wanted to make dessert for Easter Sunday lunch with the family. Being Easter it had to involve chocolate didn’t it? I tried the chocolate orange marble cake from the latest Donna Hay magazine. I then spruced it up with some little Easter eggs and a very cute little chicken. I didn’t do the marble

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Well Easter is pretty much over! Hope you all had a great long weekend and seriously over indulged like I did. I think I ate more than what I would at Christmas. Well definitely more chocolate that’s for sure. My hot cross buns got lots of attention, and well why not make hot cross truffles

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My first batch of hot cross buns ever…and they were a success! I was going to do Nigella Lawson’s recipe, but hers looked all flat and lifeless. And every other recipe I read, looked like way too much work! I was pretty sure Donna Hay had a recipe and I’m glad she did. Like most

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It’s that time of year again, my favorite, Easter! Chocolate to celebrate? I dunno who thought of that but I LOVE that idea! I was going to give hot cross buns a go but my aunty dropped around a dozen and mum bought some so I thought I’d leave that idea for another day. I

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Happy Easter to you all! Sorry I have been very slack with blogging, been very busy this week. These are my easter cupcakes! Now before you judge I’m not much of a cupcake extrodinaire… but i’m going to get there one day! This is probably only the 3rd batch of cupcakes I’ve ever decorated properly!

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