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A nice twist on the usual banana bread with a subtle chocolate swirl!

This super quick recipe will ensure you always have a tasty breakfast for snack on the go!

It’s a classic combination loved by many, it’s the nuttiness of peanut butter and the richness of chocolate. With a little coconut oil, you’ll be popping these babies in your mouth like no tomorrow!

Oooey gooey chocolate goodness, now with the added bonus of salted caramel.

Years ago, you couldn’t pay me enough to eat chickpeas. I still feel this way about kidney beans but I’m currently smitten with chickpeas <3 If you are after a really easy dinner with tasty results to make your mouth sing; try this recipe.

Another cute culinary gift you can give, are these mini brownies, smothered with ganache and topped with candy canes. You can make them cupcake size, or mini cupcake size I have done here.

Once you’ve had homemade marshmallows, you’ll find it extremely are to go back to the commercially made ones.

This fluffy clouds aren’t as hard to make as you might think!

There is something so sophisticated about tea. Depending on the blend, it can transport you away, calm you down, soothe a bloated stomach, help with symptoms of a cold, or just keep you going.

This post trials out the new Pyramid Infuser Range from Twinings.

Wishing my Dad a very Happy 60th Birthday today!

Look Dad, I made you this cake.. you’ll get to gobble it up tonight, after dinner… if you eat all your greens!

I made it with the very popular variety of apples that people are going gaga over, Jazz Apples.

Home made hot cross buns and Easter egg mousse cups.

As well as some Easter treaties you can purchase from around town.

I’ve renamed these “crack tarts” cos you won’t be able to stop at just one, or two… or three!

A very rich, chocolately and salty tart. So rich, I couldn’t even finish a whole slice! … perhaps I cut slices that were too big.

Pasta doesn’t have to be smothered in tomato sauce to be good; a simple vodka, lemon and cream sauce is just as good.

These cute little tartlets are easy to make, and will wow a crowd!

A mushroomy Asian dish I give a whirl from Donna Hay. I think there is room for improvement on this one!

Here’s another awesome dish for you to try. Easy, tasty and looks fancy…. and if you don’t take the seeds out of your chilli… extra spicy!

My first attempt at homemade brioche, made with French butter and a chocolate swirl.

Overcoming my fear of cooking fish and deep frying all at the same time. Worth it for these crispy fish sliders.

If you want to get cooking on the weekend for a special breakfast, here’s a couple of recipes to inspire you!

I didn’t think I’d bother trying to do another gingerbread house after attempting one two years ago. My friend Katie and I said we would attempt the Zumbo Hanzel & Gretel house after seeing it on Masterchef, but after reading the recipe I was not prepared to go out and buy a whole lot of

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I found the couscous lurking the back of my pantry and instantly felt like creating something with it. I had seen this recipe in yet another Donna Hay book, it looked so pretty, but the flavours weren’t something I’d normally cook up. With Hamsley being from the country, he wasn’t exposed to loads of different

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I know a lot of people rag on Donna Hay, and she can be rather ditzy on TV, but I’ve had great success with her recipes; and her magazine is what initially sparked my interest in cooking. So, of course I bought her new book; Simple Dinners…. and of COURSE, meatballs were the first dish

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Theme 3: Rice / Noodles Cookbook Used: Fast, Fresh, Simple Author: Donna Hay I picked this recipe because the picture in the book looked amazing. Hamsley said it looked like a taco. (Mez, this is a time I would like to use the #ohHamish tag :P). This is the first recipe from Donna Hay’s new

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Hope you all had a great Christmas and have hit up the sales like I have! I’m still festively swollen around my mid section so will be looking like a stuffed turkey on the beach later this week. I thought I’d have more energy to blog now that I’m on holidays, but I’m still trying

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When Daniel from Goldfields Pork contacted me about trying some pork, I umm-ed and ahh-ed for a while. I sent him back a few questions about the wee little piggies and their welfare, as after seeing Food Inc. I’m more concerned where and how my food is produced. This is the reply I got: Here’s

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