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When life Cherrie gives you lemons calamansi, you make crème brûlée.  I mentioned in a previous post that calamansi is one of my current obsessions. Whilst there are many things you can do with them, I decided it was time to make something delicious with them. I’ve been wanting to make crème brûlée spoons for ages. 

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The concept of having rice for dessert is enough to make my screw my face up in confusion. WHY would I want rice and more carbs for dessert? It’s like, why serve potato in a rice or pasta dish? Carb on carb action.
Yet, for some reason, I don’t seem to think of pulut hitam as a rice dish.

Yes. I’m delusional.

These are the balls that started it all.

The balls that brought us all closer together.

The balls that broke the ice between us.

It’s peanut butter jelly time!

Chocolate cake with a peanut butter swirl, smothered in ganache frosting and fresh raspberries. Happiness!

Why not mill some quinoa into flour and make cupcakes! It provides for a lovely toffee flavour.

These pretzels are definitely not making me thirsty!

They are so light and fluffy, and very, very addictive. Easy as pie in the Thermomix.

Pesto is something I had never made before until now. Great as a pizza topping, pasta sauce, or condiment for anything else you may fancy!

A chocolate mousse made in the Thermomix, that is also great for icing cakes!

Who knew REAL lemonade was so easy to make. Add some berries and you have a new flavour instantly!

Home made Nutella and peanut butter in the Thermomix. Pretty damn good if you ask me!

Cakes are so easy to make in the Thermomix, especially this one. Make caster sugar from raw sugar in seconds, whack everything in as listed and bang it in a tin bound for the oven.

This is my favourite dish to make in the Thermomix.

Steam a whole chicken up top, whilst you cook the rice down below… at the same time!

Thermomix isn’t just for making food. You can use it to make body and cleaning products too!

I’ve made some hand cream for Christmas gifts.

Most crumpet recipes involve yeast, which involves waiting around for an hour or more… who has time for that in the morning? These are ready to cook within seconds.

Another recipe from Dani Valent’s, In The Mix cookbook, and a healthy snack to keep you going.

This Japanese vegetarian pancake is great for clearing out the dredges of the fridge!

How are we all feeling after Christmas? I trust you all had an amazing few days, surrounded by loved ones, too much food and scored some good presents. I had three feasts, but only ate at two. The main feast was at Mum and Dad’s house, where 18 of us enjoyed a buffet style dinner,

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I found the couscous lurking the back of my pantry and instantly felt like creating something with it. I had seen this recipe in yet another Donna Hay book, it looked so pretty, but the flavours weren’t something I’d normally cook up. With Hamsley being from the country, he wasn’t exposed to loads of different

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The tradition of Stollen in our family is: Mum buys loads at the boxing day sales and we eat them throughout the year. For those that don’t know what Stollen is, it’s a loaf-shaped cake with dried fruits, nuts and spices, with marzipan inside and coating with icing sugar on the outside; traditionally eaten at Christmas

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So here it is, my long awaited review; the battle between Thermochef vs Thermomix. Having owned and frequently used my Thermomix for about a month or so, I was given the opportunity to road test it against the Thermochef. I had my doubts, I had heard stories but decided to adopt a fair approach and attitude when

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What could be better? New recipes and silicone bakeware to cook the recipes in delivered every fortnight? The new Baked & Delicious magazine offers just that. Each issue has a range of recipes, with very easy to follow recipes; proving anyone can bake! With 60 issues in the series, the first issue includes great recipes

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My Thermomix got delivered yesterday, and after a demo with some of my friends, the big question was; what do I make first?! Hamish loves his beef stroganoff, and I barely make it because it takes such a long time and I can never been bothered standing around in the kitchen slaving away to make

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(source) I JUST BOUGHT A THERMOMIX!!!! After attending the 2nd demo at my parents place, and hearing how much they love it; as well as tasting the amazing food it can create, I was sold. I didn’t burn $1939 in my pocket all at once; I’ll be paying in installments thankyouverymuch! I’ll be getting it

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