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The ninth year anniversary of Iron Chef Shellie, celebrated with a creamy, berry creation; a Paris Brest.

You know Summer has arrived when the strawberries are sweet and juicy. A strawberry tart with a luscious lemon filling and meringue kisses is bound to impress!

Damn delicious waffles, easy to make, and your change to WIN A WAFFLE MAKER!

Who doesn’t love a pavlova?

Even if it fails, you can just smother it in cream and dress it with lots of pretty fruits. It’s a favourite all year around, not just in Summer.

Even though it might not be the season for strawberries, there aren’t any shortage of them around It’s definitely a cake I’ll be making again. I can imagine it looking amazing on a picnic spread when the warmer weather comes back!

What do you get when you combine cake, meringue and some of my favourite strawberries?

A strawberry meringue layer cake, recipe by Nigella Lawson.

The frozen yoghurt that was frozen in the clouds, finally arrives at my doorstep!

A chocolate mousse made in the Thermomix, that is also great for icing cakes!

Why just eat chocolate, when you can create with it too?

This simple dessert looks like it takes more time that it should!

Not a breakfast for everyday, but these brownie batter pancakes are a sure fire winner!

If you are on a strict diet, look away…. I was luckily enough to be one of the lucky tweeters when the call for people to sample the new desserts from my favourite place in town went out. Along with other passionate foodies, we indulged in the lastest creations from super couple Bernard and Yen

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So I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I hardly dine out these days. Sad I know. I am saving some money now that I’ve cut back on dining out and cookbook purchases; however my list of places to go to and books to buy is getting bigger by the day. It was time I

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