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Poke bowls, they are like the Hawaiian/Japanese version of tacos! By using a simple marinade on Tassal Salmon’s fresh salmon with skin off, mix with rice and your favourite toppings, DIY Poke Bowl will soon be a family favourite at your place!

I’ve been lucky enough to be doing some work with Aussie Farmers Direct over the last month, and I’m so happy I can finally share what has been cranking out of my kitchen! Aussie Farmers Direct started eight years ago with one van, 100 litres of milk, and a local neighbourhood of customers that loved they did.

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I used to have have phobia when it came to cooking fish. I seemed to have nailed it when cooking this good looking teriyaki dish!

What’s been happening?

I’ve been munching on canelés, and checking out The Little Ox cafe in Brighton.

My dear darling friend Pandy had a lovely shindig at his place to celebrate his birthday. He invited all his nearest and dearest. Hamsley and I were lucky enough to be put in such a category. I offered to bring along a dish as I have far too many recipes that need trying. Pandy did

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Mid-week cooking is back, and it’s healthy for those of you looking for quick, healthy dinner options. I also gave my Donna Hay recipe collection a brief rest and got out a recipe from another famous Aussie chef, Bill Granger. To be honest, I found this dish to taste a little “fishy”. However the marinade

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I finally made it back into the kitchen for mid-week cooking this week. I chose something quick and easy so I didn’t have to spend endless hours slaving away in the kitchen, like I did on the weekend with this month’s Daring Baker’s challenge. I saw this recipe in the Delicious 5 Nights a Week

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