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Two Australian classics coming together with a Swedish twist for Australia Day.

Meet the Lamalova, part lamington, part pavlova. You can’t go wrong!

Happy New Year to you all! May 2014 be your best year on this large gassy planet that is hurling it’s way through space Let’s start the year off with this triple decker pavlova that mated with a fruit shop.

Who doesn’t love a pavlova?

Even if it fails, you can just smother it in cream and dress it with lots of pretty fruits. It’s a favourite all year around, not just in Summer.

Sometimes I only function in my own bubble; so when Nic from Dining with a Stud emailed me to inform me about The Great Australian Pavlova Blog Hop, I knew I was gonna take part due to the 4939259374234 free range eggs I’ve accumulated from a family friend’s chickens. BUT WHAT TO DO!?!? I sat

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Photos aren’t the best as I didn’t think I would blog it. It is the first time I’ve ever tried making a pavlova from scratch. Once I took it out of the oven after it had cooled, it had sunk and it looked like a giant biscuit… so Hamsely described it. Luckily cream covered the

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