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When it comes to all things breakfast/brunch, Shakshuka is the new black. Everyone is doing it, and you should totally follow suit.

Definitely a warming dish, full of flavour. Fun to eat on your own or share a big one with friends.

The last in the series of Maggi posts. Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the new range of products in the Maggi range, that can make your life easier on those busy nights, surprise date nights, or as a cheaper alternative to take away.

Moroccan chicken is no exception, but I do have a tasty tip for you with this one.

I don’t believe I had sampled gozleme before until Thursday of last week. Since then, I’ve had one nearly every day; and I’ve even banh-mi-dised it. I don’t wanna get too cocky, but Banh-mi-dising could be a new food movement!

I can’t tell you how amazeballs this dish is. It’s saucy, it’s comforting, and just oh my gawd so perfect!

I found the couscous lurking the back of my pantry and instantly felt like creating something with it. I had seen this recipe in yet another Donna Hay book, it looked so pretty, but the flavours weren’t something I’d normally cook up. With Hamsley being from the country, he wasn’t exposed to loads of different

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Apologies to Erin who sent me out this Pearl Couscous to me to try last month! I have been meaning to blog about it sooner, but I have been swept off my feet with so many other things, I haven’t had a chance to enter the kitchen. But I finally made some time, and cooked

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I’ve been hearing good things about the Moroccan Soup Bar for quite some time now. It is also rated 2nd best restaurant in Melbourne on Urbanspoon, so that must mean something! But just because it might be the 2nd most popular restaurant doesn’t mean it’s going to be overpriced and in a pretentious environment. Writing

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but Melbourne has suddenly been hit with cold, miserable weather. The type where all you want to do is stay in bed with the electric blanket on and watch dvds. However, it is also good weather for soup! This mug may look normal size but I assure

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