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#Middle Eastern

A highlight of Good Food Month was the Mediterranean brunch that featured celebrity chefs; Yotam Ottolenghi, Karen Martini and Shane Delia. Hosted at Aerial in Docklands, it was a feast fit for a king.

A warming dish, full of flavour. Fun to eat on your own or share a big one with friends.

Right. Where to start on this one? Allow me to consult my full page of notes. I don’t normally make notes, but there is so much I need to say I don’t want to leave anything out. Have you ever been to a wedding where you felt like you really didn’t belong? Like you were

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Lezzet is a hidden gem. My friends and I stumbled upon it on one of our international cuisine nights, but I stupidly left my camera at home that night so a few of us went back again just recently. Since then, there has been a massive renovation and the place is more stunning than ever.

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Saturday night we had an “international cuisine night”. Afghan food was the cuisine of choice, and we treked all the way out to Oakleigh for this one. We were going to go to a place in Camberwell but it didn’t review as good as this place.Nights of Kabul is located amongst the shops around the

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