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Bringing back Thermomix Thursdays with my favourite Thermomix dish!

This recipe is from Adam Liaw‘s first book, also known as Honeycomb Cake or Kuih Sarang Semut which literally translates into ants’ nest cake. It has a lovely dark caramel flavour, and is soft and always *moist*.

A delicious black glutinous rice sweet soup from Southeast Asia.

Wanna know something ridiculous?

I was scared of these little green balls. I used to see people put them into their mouths and exclaim about the burst of liquid in their mouths.

I was mortified. Now, I can’t get enough of them!

This is my favourite dish to make in the Thermomix.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Traditional new year biscuits are very tedious to make, and pineapple tarts are no exception. I usually help my mum make peanut cookies, or she will make kueh bangkit, and my aunty will make kuih kapit which I learnt to make last year. Pineapple tarts are one of my favourites, and

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The menu changes regularly, but it’ consistently tasty!

A great variety of Malaysian dishes in the suburbs of Melbourne.

A slice of Malaysia right here in Melbourne.

A nice little blogger night, sharing Malaysian food.

A chance to met Poh and eat some delicious Malaysian Food.

Pandan is essentially Asian vanilla, so it’s no surprises that this tastes great!

So I’ve got a collection of growing pre-made sauces I’ve collected from show bags at various food and wine festivals. I don’t usually like to use them as I prefer to make things myself, that why I can flavour them to my liking, and more importantly, I know what it’s the sauce. So on a

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Sa Hor Fun is the best dish here, it’s a must order when you go!

As you may have seen in a previous post, a few of us went out for flaming crepes a few weeks ago. Before having dessert we wanted to have some dinner, so we went to a Chinese / Malaysian restaurant just a few doors down. I had the curry laksa which was very very bland.

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A while ago I tried a place in Camberwell that I had walked past quite a few times and always wanted to go in. Being half Malaysian, I’m usually craving some kind of Malaysian cuisine, usually curry laksa! So Nerdy Rob and I headed down to give this place a go. We wondered in for

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