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It’s a classic combination loved by many, it’s the nuttiness of peanut butter and the richness of chocolate. With a little coconut oil, you’ll be popping these babies in your mouth like no tomorrow!

What better way to have dulce de leche than in a cheesecake? I know at least 10 people who can vouch that this is a very good combination!

Two friends take two days to make two Heston recipes and eat them in 5 minutes.

Theme 6: American Cookbook Used: Nigella Express Author: Nigella Lawson I was so sure I’d be cooking from Jamie’s America or the New Orleans cookbook my aunty gave me. I was also certain I was going to be doing ribs, but bought spare ribs instead of rack ribs… doh. I was also running low on

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I think there is a pulled pork craze going on in the blogasphere. I’d been wanting to make mine for months and finally got around to it on the long weekend. I was going to go with Chocolate Suze’s recipe, or Hamish’s recipe.. but something told me to do this random recipe I found on

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Lots to blog, so little time. And November will be month of the pot luck lunches with the Cookbook Challenge coming to an end; we are having a gathering to celebrate the last theme, and the next Cooking the Books feast scheduled. Not forgetting Celeste’s Malaysian Hawker Feast to come in December, and a few

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The first gathering of cookbook addicts.

South American caramel can transform the ordinary cupcake!