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Fill in the entry form below to tell us what dish you want me to make for Valentine’s Day, and why you chose it. The winning entry will be cooked and photographed by myself, Shellie Froidevaux, as a special Valentine's Day post!


Panasonic Giveaway

To celebrate Valentine’s day, we are spreading the love for food and photography by partnering with Panasonic to give away a LUMIX G9 mirrorless camera and 12-60mm Lens PLUS a Panasonic 3 in 1 Convection Microwave Oven, so you have all the essentials to be creative!

There’s also a special Masterclass on Food Photography as part of this collaboration with Panasonic, plus I’m giving away 25 copies of my Cabin Fever Cookbook in case you don’t win the main prize. Details below!



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In 100 words or less, please tell us what dish you want me to make
for Valentine’s Day... and why you chose it :)




Entry is open to all Australian residents over the age of 18, and must be received before midnight February 8th 2022. We will accept only entry per email address. By entering this competition you agree to all Terms & Conditions. [ Full terms and conditions can be viewed here ]


Fill in the entry form above to tell us what dish you want me to make for Valentine’s Day, and why you chose it. The winning entry will be cooked and photographed by me, Shellie Froidevaux, for a special Valentine's Day post!

Entries close midnight February 8th 2022.


Join our online Masterclass on February 2nd at 6pm, hosted by myself and Ewen Bell, where we share some cooking and photography tips using the LUMIX G9 and Panasonic Convection Oven. It will be informative and will empower you to take better food pics. Set a reminder on YouTube below:


We have 25 copies of my Scandinavian cookbook (digital edition) to giveaway as runner-up prizes too. ‘Cabin Fever Cookbook’ has over 100 recipes from a long way north, and is full of inspiring images and places.


“Bienenstich Cake! A beautifully traditional German cake, made of love, brioche and the subtle sweetness of honey! I choose it as I’ve just made it myself and is delectable to the touch!”
Jackson Tait

“Beef Wellington please. The different textures and flavours makes one helluva sexy dish! ”
Heather Hopley

“Paella… real Paella with Bomba rice, real stock, fresh seafood, saffron, fresh herbs & spices. Nothing can replace memories of dining outdoors in the summertime, with a group of friends (or date) a glass of white wine, under hanging patio lights. Having scents of paprika, garlic, mussels in wine & fresh bread engulf you whilst you await your dinner definitely builds anticipation. Despite what movies tell you, valentine’s day shouldn’t be about expensive gifts. Paella is a peasant’s dish, but I am sure many people can share memories about how it bought them together…even if its just for a gossip. ”

“Sticky date pudding made in the Panasonic convection oven would be perfect because it is my husband's favourite dessert.”
Kate Slack

“HEART-SHAPED BEEF WELLINGTON! Tender, juicy beef wrapped in puff's the perfect start to a romantic evening. And the heart shape for added degree of difficulty, demonstrating commitment and love. This is the jaw-dropping show-stopper to make everyone Insta-jealous!!”
Andrew L

“Spaghetti and Meatballs. Love the idea of slurping away like lady and the tramp and meeting in the middle for a romantic kiss with my valentine.”
Craig Brown

“Pancakes shaped like hearts! It's cute, easy to make and can be served as breakfast in bed :D”
Dustin Kerr

“Bombe Alaska, as it was the dish that I had with my parter on our first date together on Valentine's Day.”
Luke Plummer

“My husband and I met on holidays in Alaska back in 2007. Every Valentine’s Day we always make a celebratory meal that reminds us of the last frontier! Given we met on a fishing charter, it’s usually seafood. For mains our favourite dish is honey lime garlic butter salmon. Caramelised on the outside and falling apart tender on the inside. For dessert, it has to be baked Alaska! We both love ice cream cake but the meringue adds another dimension.”
Michelle Latham

“A Baked Manhattan cheesecake, topped with a decadent white chocolate mouse, topped with luscious whole Strawberries......visually it screams romance, and I want to see if your take on it is as good as mine :) ”

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