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Fill in the entry form below to tell us what dish you want me to make for Valentine’s Day, and why you chose it. The winning entry will be cooked and photographed by myself, Shellie Froidevaux, as a special Valentine's Day post!


Panasonic Giveaway

To celebrate Valentine’s day, we are spreading the love for food and photography by partnering with Panasonic to give away a LUMIX G9 mirrorless camera and 12-60mm Lens PLUS a Panasonic 3 in 1 Convection Microwave Oven, so you have all the essentials to be creative!

There’s also a special Masterclass on Food Photography as part of this collaboration with Panasonic, plus I’m giving away 25 copies of my Cabin Fever Cookbook in case you don’t win the main prize. Details below!




Thankyou for stopping by but unfortunatey this prize draw has now closed.
Details on the winning prize can be found here:


We ran an online Masterclass on February 2nd and shared some cooking and photography tips using the LUMIX G9 and Panasonic Convection Oven. You can replay that event on YouTube right now if you're interested in food photography :)


“Chef Shellie I’d love you to make a Kladdkaka for Valentine’s Day. Kladdkaka is Sweden’s most popular fika cake for a good reason. It is rich with chocolate and purposefully underbaked, giving it a dense, fudge like texture true to its name: literally, sticky cake. I’ve travelled to many places with my husband. Some of our most memorable and loved moments have been sitting together sharing a coffee and cake - a valued pastime shared by many Swedes. While we can’t travel across the globe at the moment. We can still dream, reminisce, and share cake together.”
Ilona Nicola

“I'd like you to make very special Pandan dessert for Valentine's Day (It could be Pandan Panna Cotta, Pandan Chiffon Cake, Pandan Souffle, etc) I will leave it to your creativity :) We love anything Pandan ...Pandan has sweet aromatic that will make our Valentine's Day very special, sweet and memorable ”

“I'd love for you to make me a piping hot bowl of pumpkin soup. It's a dish that reminds me a warm hug and a smile :)”
Victor Widarma

“Choux pastry with craquelin lightly coloured with lingonberry, filled with half lingonberry curd and half fresh cream. My idea is to have a plate of these resembling a bunch of peonies (symbolising good luck and prosperity), a combination of lightness of the choux pastry paired with the sweet and tartness of the lingonberry, and freshness of the cream. Pretty to look at, a bite-sized treat that can be enjoyed by those who are not dessert fans as well as dessert fans. ”
Wendy Chung

“We love seafood and one of our favourite dishes is perfect for a romantic dinner for two. 'Lemon Pasta with prawn and scallops' has the romantic lure and freshness of the sea together with a layback style and ease of preparation that still allows for a champagne in one hand. This delicious dish classically shows that you do not need to spend hours in the kitchen wasting precious time when you would rather be spending time together. A perfect dessert to follow this delicious dish would be a chocolate mousse to 'die for' with affogato.”
debra conway

“Mussels in a delicious chilli tomato sauce served with crusty bread. I've chosen it as it's my Husbands favourite dish. I'd love to see Iron Chef Shellie cook this and then we could enjoy this dish at home. It would melt his heart...and mine! ”
Nicola Loch

“Ok, my love and I both love duck but I’m quite sure neither of us have a clue how to cook it well, so I would love you to cook a Japanese inspired duck dish with a side of daikon salad or bitter greens. And because it’s Valentine’s Day and he loves caramel, Purin for dessert 💓”
Jo Brown

“On a narrow footpath, in the streets of Amsterdam, my (then) boyfriend & I cuddled up as the crisp European breeze chilled us whilst we waited for our brunch. We’d not long started dating & jumped into an overseas trip together. This particular lazy morning, we’d ridden our shiny gold bikes to Pancakes Amsterdam to try their infamous Bacon, Apple & “Stroop” pancakes. If Iron Chef Shellie could show me how to recreate this recipe for Valentine’s Day it would transport us back to that pre-lockdown, carefree moment – what a gift that would be for my (now) husband!”
Jade Carter

“Something romantic, simple yet with strong flavours - a pasta al limone using long noodle-shaped pasta with prawns gently cooked in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, salt, and pepper, crowned with basil when serving, would be my choice. This suggested dish would recall fond memories of time spent with my wife in Southern Italy where the dish was enjoyed in the summer months with a cooled bottle of Viognier and later a glass of Limoncello to reflect on the meal and the day’s events. ”
Michael Frost

“Tiramisu. One of my favourite memories is my husband and I eating at a restaurant near the water in Riomaggoire. I ate the best Tiramisu of my life whilst we watched a storm brewing over the water. Tiramisu will always bring me back to that magical moment. ”

Shellie Froidevaux

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