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Well known Antique dealers, Moss Green, have opened a tea room on High Street, Armadale. Whether is a quick bite for lunch or high tea, it’s the place to be.

Christmas isn’t complete without mince tarts. I made these for a food styling / photography class that Billy Law was hosting in Melbourne. They were styled by the students of the class.

As if a pork pie wasn’t good enough, I added liquid hickory smoke to these bad boys to take them up to a new level. They were very popular, and I’ve been requested many times to make them again.

As if banoffee pie wasn’t indulgent enough; I give you, chocolate banoffee pie!

A very tasty pie recipe, but that’s not hard when bacon is involved!

Fennel. I had never used it, was a bit hesitant to use if after Dad would screw up his face every time he heard the word fennel (the same goes for polenta). I can’t remember if he likes licorice, but he probably doe sn’t since both licorice and fennel have an aniseed flavour. I cut

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Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great time sending out the noughties and bringing in the new decade. I spent the day roasting on the beach with my dear friend Alana… we thought we didn’t get burnt as we put on lots of sunscreen on throughout the day… but it was not the

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With the lead up to Christmas, life has been extra crazy! I woke up extra early today for some reason, and with time to kill before work, I thought I’d do a quick post. We made these pies last weekend for dinner from Donna Hay’s; No Time To Cook, cookbook. They were fairly simple to

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This week for mid week cooking, Donna Hay came off the book shelf again. I tried her recipe for chicken and bacon pies. What caught my eye was the homemade potato crisps that replace the traditional pastry top. The only problem I encountered was that I could have used a bit more chicken. Unlike last

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It’s mid-week cooking time again. Let me firstly apologize for the photography, I know it’s not good and I know it doesn’t look very appetizing, but I assure you, it tasted good! This recipe was taken from an old Donna Hay magazine. I will soon have the full collection as I’ve found some people who

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