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Two Australian classics coming together with a Swedish twist for Australia Day.

Meet the Lamalova, part lamington, part pavlova. You can’t go wrong!

Lamingtons + Cupcakes = Awesomeness

You can’t go wrong with this combination from

Happy Australia Day to my fellow Australians, and everyone else around the globe! Even though I’m half Malaysian, and half Swiss, I’m still pretty darn Australian. I spent my first birthday in the Flinders Ranges. I’ve driven up to Darwin, Cairns and all different parts of Australia with my parents in a 4WD. I enjoy

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Probably one of the worst cookbooks you can buy a person is one that has yummy looking cupcakes in it, but also tells you how many calories, and how much fat and carbohydrates are in the recipes. Never mind. I can block that out I guess! I had my cousins over on the weekend and

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