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Another grape recipe that is as pretty as a picture, and uses a simple method to make your humble grape a fantastic way to top a cake.

Another year has passed, and I’m apparently a year older according to the universe. Am I any wiser than this time last year? Who knows; let’s take a stab in the dark and say, yes.
I decided to make a stack of pancakes to celebrate, because why have cake when you can have pancakes?!

We had a few too many figs lying around the house this weekend and mum said if I wanted to use them I had better do it quick or they wouldn’t be good anymore. Talk about baking under pressure! They are as delicious as they look! I would say it’s the little bit of cinnamon

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Saturday night was a family affair, last gathering together before my parents jet off overseas. I offered to make dessert and decided I’d try yet another cheesecake recipe from the Australian Woman’s Weekly Cheesecake book. Oh what a story to tell! Usually when doing a cheesecake mum taught me to cover the base of the

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