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The final part in my Nature’s Way series, this healthy beetroot hummus will be the star of your next dip platter.

Chips don’t have to just be made from potatoes, they can be made from anything. These beetroot chips not only look pretty, but taste as good as they look.

I’ll give anything a go once, but beetroot and chocolate? Is it a winning combination?

Happy New Year readers! I know I’ve been a bit slack but I’ve been enjoying a bit of a break, melting slightly in the Melbourne heat the last few days. I trust you all started the new year with a bang. How are those new year’s resolutions going? I don’t have any, as I am

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Mid-week cooking took a Greek influence this week. It was my first attempt at Greek food, and I know how much my boy loves a souvlaki, so I thought I’d give this recipe a go. I had a few issues with the meat not staying on the stick when I was cooking it, so I

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I finally made it back into the kitchen for mid-week cooking again, last week I went out with good friends for some good food and good wine…. always a nice combination if you ask me! So this is the recipe I actually wanted to make last week from a Woman’s Weekly cookbook. I don’t normally

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