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What am I currently obsessed with?

• Soba Noodles
• Mangoes
• Calamansi
• Sparkling Water

No. 8 is one of those restaurants I have always walked past at Crown, wondering what it was like inside. Executive Chef, John Lawson uses traditional cooking techniques, contemporary combinations of flavours and brings together some very unique, specially grown ingredients to the restaurant.

I am an over achiever. There. I said it.

I invited some friends over for breakfast and made so many options incase someone didn’t like one thing. But this granola had everyone fighting for the last bit!

Mangoes are one of my most favourite fruits. Paired with sago, this is a lovely Summery dessert.

A twist on the traditional peach melba, using mangoes. A great summery dessert for everyone!

This was a quick, easy recipe you can whip up during the week, or at your next BBQ. Prawns with mangoes, always a winning Summer combination.

Sometimes I only function in my own bubble; so when Nic from Dining with a Stud emailed me to inform me about The Great Australian Pavlova Blog Hop, I knew I was gonna take part due to the 4939259374234 free range eggs I’ve accumulated from a family friend’s chickens. BUT WHAT TO DO!?!? I sat

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I had most of a can left of coconut cream from making cha bo the other day and didn’t know what to do with it. So I found this recipe amongst my magazine tear outs and it seemed to have everything we had in the house. Hamsley and are are obsessed with fresh mangoes lately.

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If you are on a strict diet, look away…. I was luckily enough to be one of the lucky tweeters when the call for people to sample the new desserts from my favourite place in town went out. Along with other passionate foodies, we indulged in the lastest creations from super couple Bernard and Yen

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The annual banquet my aunt / godmother prepares was a little after Chinese New Year this year, as we were waiting for my aunty to come back from overseas (you can see photos of what we ate here). She doesn’t have a huge kitchen, so it’s amazing how such restaurant quality food comes out to

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Welcome to 2011. Hope you all had a great time bringing in the new year. I spent the day with some of my friends at the beach, until the wind picked up and it turned into a sand storm. My small camera got infected with sand and is now decommissioned . I had a nice

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Week 7 Theme: Soft Cookbook Used: Delicious Magazine Issue 89 Author: Valli Little   I wanted to make mangomisu this week, but the 3 mangoes in the fruit bowl looked like they were on deathrow. So I convinced myself that it was just not meant to be. Then when I checked what the theme was

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My favorite fruit would have to be mango. Although coming in close behind are now lychees. Mum bought some good looking mangoes last week, but when we ate one we were rather disappointed. The texture felt funny, and it wasn’t that sweet. So I did what I usually do with fruit that isn’t that fantastic

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