Iron Chef Shellie

Tasmania [Day 1 – Part 2]

Tasmania Day 1 Part 2_FEATURE IMAGE

[Disclaimer: Iron Chef Shellie stayed as a guest of Salamanca Wharf Hotel.] Have you read: Day 1 – Part 1 Traveling on Spirit of Tasmania After our meat pie power lunch, before too long, we were in Hobart. Lots of happy memories came flooding back from the last time we were there.  Salamanca Wharf Hotel […]

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Sardine Bruschetta + How To Get to Spain

Sardine Bruschetta_FEATURE IMAGE

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post]   So, hands up here who wants to go to win a trip to Spain? Keep you hand up if you cook with olive oil. Right, then you. Yes, you. The one with your hand still in the air…. put it down, you look like an idiot already. YOU […]

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Raspberry, Dark Choc Chip Banana Bread

Raspberry Choc Chip Banana Bread_FEATURE IMAGE

Weekends are sacred.  Long weekends are the stuff of dreams.  For me, I look forward to spending whole days in the kitchen, just pottering away, camera never too far away. It’s my #1 #happyplace Easter long weekend I didn’t get much chance to do any cooking (other than coconut pancakes). I was enjoying road trips, […]

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