Iron Chef Shellie

Jazz Apple Tart


Jazz Apple season is in full swing again. I decided to make a smaller version of the gorgeous looking fine apple tart from Flour & Stone. I watched this video about 10 times, but still couldn’t get my apples to stand up the way they do. So I just cooked it the way it looks […]

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Pear & Chocolate Croissant Cakes

Pear Croissant Chocolate Cakes-FEATURE IMAGE2

Because, why not? indulgent breakfast • comforting dessert   Tweet

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Pear, Raspberry & Amaretto Cake

Pear Raspberry Amaretto Cake_FEATURE IMAGE

This cake came about as I didn’t have certain ingredients in the recipe at home. It was a pretty cake that I wanted to make, but I didn’t have this, or that and I didn’t want to go and spend money on booze… or quite frankly, leave the house. So I just used what I […]

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