Iron Chef Shellie

Iron Chef Shellie Turns 6!

THAI milk tea crepe cake_FEATURE IMAGE

I’m sure every year I say this, but; I still can’t believe I’m blogging. I was sure I wouldn’t even last 6 months. I can’t believe this humble little blog is still going. It motivates me to push myself, be inspired, inspire others and provides me with a lot of work but a lot more […]

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Lime, Polenta & Ricotta Cake

Lime Ricotta Polenta Cakes_FEATURE IMAGE

  Sometimes things look prettier than they taste. This is one of those things. And in case you think things are always smooth sailing in my kitchen, you are wrong!    I’m always wary of trying recipes from people/books I haven’t used before. This is from the cute boys that are The Blue Ducks. This […]

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Current Obsessions ♥ January 2014

Current_Obsession_JAN 2014_FEATURE IMAGE

Photo Credit: Ewen Bell (as part of the Shellie Belly Jelly collaboration)  >> LIMES ♥ I’ve always had a thing for limes, but after squeezing the absolute guts out of them when working with Ewen just before Christmas, I noticed a different kind of beauty in them. I love putting a squeezed lime half into a […]

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