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Set in the heart of East Melbourne, GG is a hidden gem. With a killer wine list and rotisserie, you can have a simple wood fired pizza or a gorgeous john dory dish. Save room for dessert though!

Bomba is the newest place in town you should add to your list. Not only for it’s stunning rooftop bar, where you can enjoy a drink, fresh air and some of Melbourne’s gorgeous sky line, but also for it’s Spanish flavoured menu.

How many platefuls of hot original churros do you reckon you could eat in 2 minutes? Go on think about it…..  fresh golden brown churros… crispy on the outside and fluffy in middle, rolled in cinnamon sugar. Me: I don’t want to think about it….. last week I consumed enough churros to last me till

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Rewind a few weeks when I was at the SBS Food Journey Festival. I did a post and commented that the paella from Casa Pepe was under seasoned. As a food blogger, or any kind of blogger, I believe that you should tell it as it is, whether you receive a product for free or

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