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Wine Food Farmgate is a program recently launched in the Mornington Peninsula region to help visitors discover hidden food and wine spots down the country lanes. They can discover artisan producers, taste a range of produce, meet the growers, connect with hatted chefs and award winning wine makers.

There are many wineries on the Mornington Peninsula, Barmah Park is one of them and worth a drop by, even if just for dessert!

I join some other like minded foodies in a trip down to The Counting House, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Oh hai! Sack boy was such a hit with drawing the last giveaway, he requested to help me draw the winner of the Mornington Peninsula hamper valued at $250. We read through all the entries many times and concluded the winner was ……. *DRUMROLL* Mez from Blithely Unaware Congrats! I’ll be in touch to organise

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On numerous previous trips down the Mornington Peninusla, I had always driven past the Lindenberry’s sign. Every single time I did not fail to think ‘Oh wow, that place sounds fancy, I HIGHLY doubt I’ll ever get to go and have a look at what it looks like”.

After non-stop eating the day before; a spa day didn’t seem like a bad idea. When I first heard about the hot springs I was interested in seeing what it was all about. It was a blissful experience, which even included some lovely food.

If this place was in Melbourne, the prices would be far higher, you’d have to book months in advance; and it would be the hottest place in town. Luckily, the people of Red Hill have this little gem tucked away, but you should get out there and try it too. The food at The Long

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This is Mazey Mike. He has lost his gnomey friends; and you can help find them at Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens. The Great Gnome Hunt is one of the many activities you can enjoy; but not before a trip to the cafe.

So blogging in sequence, the third stop on the 12 hour eatathon was Max’s Restaurant at Red Hill Estate. This is where I met up with Thanh, and we spent about half an hour tasting ALL the wine…. yup, that’s right; EVERY SINGLE WINE, including one that wasn’t even on the list! So, even though

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My time was very limited at Green Olive, as I was passing through on my way to an epic lunch with Thanh. Follow Green Olive’s sign from the main road, down the drive, and you’ll be amazed with the gorgeous view. Keep driving and you’ll soon reach the farm shop, and cafe area. Another gorgeous

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Amazing view isn’t it? Just you wait till you see how amazing it looks inside! As promised, the first of many posts from my trip to Peninsula. This was the first stop on my trip, and the first food that entered my belly in a 12 hour non-stop eating tour of the Mornington Peninsula.

So this weekend as most of you know, I switched the city/suburban life of sealed roads and constant phone reception, to sometimes dirt roads, sometimes phone reception and a weekend of bliss. I headed down to the Mornington Peninsula with my mum, and met up with Thanh and his friend, all thanks to Mornington Peninsula

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On a fairly recent trip to Red Hill (I’m so behind with blog posts), we had sampled the beer from Red Hill Brewery at the annual Red Hill Show. After wondering around the show, we felt a need to have a bit of a beer so we headed down to the brewery which was just

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