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Le Petit Français

“Paris has landed in Melbourne!”

Dining | June 18, 2009
Le Petit Français

Le Petit Français

Instead of mid-week cooking this week, I went out for some flaming crêpes with some of my peeps. Chris, the newest member to the gang had told me about this place a few weeks ago and wanted me to join him for flaming crêpe some time soon. So we finally set a date and trekked down to South Yarra for some flaming fun!

Nerdy Rob and I started off with a cider. There are 2 French ciders and 2 Australian ciders available. We went with with the French ciders. One was rather sweet, and one was a bit bitter. I ordered the bitter one but convinced Rob to swap with me! haha!

Whilst there is a good range of savory, sweet and speciality crêpes, well all ordered off the LES CRÊPES FLAMBÉES (flaming crêpes) menu.

The waiter brings the crêpe to the table, along with a little saucepan of rum. He lights the rum on fire with a lighter then pours the flaming rum over the crêpe. You can either leave the crepe on fire till it burns out, or you can blow it out so the flame doesn’t cook off all the alcohol.It was a hard choice as to which crêpe I would get as they ALL sounded so good, but luckily there were 4 of us so we could all sample each other’s. I went for the banana, chocolate and rum because ever since getting banana and nutella crepes in Thailand, it has become one of my favorite combinations. I even have nutella and banana on toast sometimes, but it’s just not the same as a crêpe.

Chris got the “Antillaise”. The raisins were nice and sweet which went really well with the rum flavour. The melted chocolate was a nice touch, but then again, when is melted chocolate not welcome?

David got the “Williams”, which was a delicious combination of pears and melted chocolate. The pear was very refreshing, I was rather jealous and wanted to eat the whole thing!

Finally, Rob got the Crêpe Suzette which was incredibly delicious! The dark chocolate that was melted on the inside of the crêpe made the dish look a little bit special. The bitterness of the candied peel worked very well with the orange sauce. Very nice and I’m glad we all shared!

Finally when the bill came, we received some caramel lollies from France. Our waiter explained they were going to be extremely sticky, and they were! A nice way to end the evening.

I’m not sure if the waiter was French, but he was speaking French most of the evening which was something different. I really enjoyed it and would happily go back again!

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Le Petit Français

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3 comments on “Le Petit Français
  1. Rilsta - June 19, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    I've gone past here a couple of times and it has always been empty so I was reluctant to try it out! Good to know you enjoyed it!

  2. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - June 21, 2009 at 1:56 am

    There used to be a creperie here in Sydney and I loved their crepes. Pity it has closed down. We need more creperies!

  3. Iron Chef Shellie - July 26, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Hi Rilsta,
    I thought the same thing, but luckily a friend opened my eyes to it!

    Hi Lorraine,
    Oh no, you must find a new creperie, I'm sure there would be one somewhere in Sydney!

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