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I’ve teamed up with Vicinity Centres to come up with some simple, fresh winter food ideas you can pick up at your local Vicinity Centre. Hot chai chocolates, pimped up couscous and spiralised vegetable noodles, all things you can do easily at home.

Using some of my favourite products from local homegrown company, Grounded Pleasures, I transformed some sad looking pears into something worth writing home about!

Damn delicious waffles, easy to make, and your change to WIN A WAFFLE MAKER!

With the carefully balanced blend of spices, why not spice up an ordinary pancake mix for a special breakfast on those lazy mornings?

I just adore chai, and I love making cupcakes. When I found the recipe for these bad boys, I knew I had to make them!

The very first time I tried chai many years ago, I hated it. The truth was, it was one of those instant ones you get at the supermarket so it wasn’t bound to be the best. Now, I’ll have a chai latte most days at work, or when I go out, chai is becoming one

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