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I am an over achiever. There. I said it.

I invited some friends over for breakfast and made so many options incase someone didn’t like one thing. But this granola had everyone fighting for the last bit!

Road testing the lastest product from Breville, the Sous Vide. Lots of possibilities!

A new player in the cafe scene is Platform Espresso. With it’s bright, sleek dining atmosphere, owners Patty and Pete have one simple goal; the best produce served well and served with a smile.

Located in the hipster part of town, De Clieu offers amazing coffee and some good fare to go along with it.

This place has a reputation for the best corn fritters in town. I head on over to see what everyone is talking about.

Snow Pony is famous for it’s smashed avocado on toast; but I say their banana bread is also a winner.

Not a breakfast for everyday, but these brownie batter pancakes are a sure fire winner!

Most crumpet recipes involve yeast, which involves waiting around for an hour or more… who has time for that in the morning? These are ready to cook within seconds.

What’s been going on:
• Foodie Fridays
• High Tea at the Movies
• Souper Burger

Take the humble ham and cheese toastie to new, unchartered levels!

If you want to get cooking on the weekend for a special breakfast, here’s a couple of recipes to inspire you!

I’m trying to do as many recipes that I been gawking at for months, even years that involve the deliciousness of summer stone fruit. There are a few mango recipes that I’m afraid are going to have to wait until next season, as I’ve missed the boat. For now I’m concentrating on peaches, nectarines and

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How are we all feeling after Christmas? I trust you all had an amazing few days, surrounded by loved ones, too much food and scored some good presents. I had three feasts, but only ate at two. The main feast was at Mum and Dad’s house, where 18 of us enjoyed a buffet style dinner,

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I was looking for some healthy food inspiration on the fabulous Heidi’s blog, when I stumbled upon a picture of Elvis granola. The name caught my interest, and I followed her link over to Jenna’s blog; Eat, Live, Run for the backstory and recipe. With a small amount of peanut butter, mixed with chocolately nuggets

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My last day in Wellington, and I knew the breakfast spot I wanted to hit up, Sweet Mother’s Kitchen; serving up New Orleans, Cajun and creole flavours. Little did I realise, it was a public holiday in New Zealand that day, and my destination would be closed.

Another chef who will be one of the stars at the WLG Pop Up Restaurant next week is Tom Hutchinson; head chef and owner at Capitol. Serving up brunch, lunch and dinner; the menu is based on classical Italian style, seasonal and show casing the local produce. The brunch menu is a little different to your

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Long weekends are made for spring cleaning, being lazy, and cooking! In Melbourne we will be having Tuesday off for the Melbourne Cup…. a horse race. Do I care about horse racing? Hells no! I do love the day off, and to extend my long weekend I have Monday off too… woot 4 day weekend!

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I’m nearly done sorting and recycling all my billions of cooking magazines I’ve been hoarding. Let me just say, it’s the best thing I’ve done for a while. I’m finding all these amazing recipes I forgot about (this one included) and making more space to store other random junk we have accumulated. I just have

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It’s something I’d only imagine I’d do….. hop on a bicycle, and pedal around a gourmet town. Hopping on and off whilst sampling the deliciousness each producer had to offer. So when I was actually offered to do this, there was no hesitation to say yes. The destination; Milawa.

Let’s start from the beginning of the Sydney feast trip; Bills in Darlinghurst. Simon recommended we hit up the Darlinghurst cafe instead of the Surry Hills cafe as it has a better atmosphere. The Surry Hills cafe was closer to our accomodation, but we trekked a little further as to follow a local’s advice. By

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I had been reading a few blog posts lately on people dining at Mart 130. It looked like a cute place to dine at, and the dishes people were eating looked fantastic. After reading Agnes’ post and seeing the corn fritters for the 50th time, and after much talk that it had won breakfast of

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Yesterday a few of us had a deep fry vs air fry lunch. Cherrie even deep fried crumbed cheese (cheddar and Camembert) and may I tell you, whilst it was all delicious, there is such a thing as too much fried food. After sipping gallons of green tea and being as active as possible after

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Okay, I haven’t really been to LuxBite 40238543 times, but I’ve been enough to be told I’m addicted. Well to be honest, I’d rather be addicted to LuxBite than cocaine… it’s not likely to get me in jail for starters! I dragged Hamsley down to South Yarra after his swimming lesson, and had a spontaneous

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A long weekend in Winter, the sun was out and two of my oldest friends and I were out for lunch. We arrived at Porgie & Mr Jones at about 12:30pm. It looked packed but we decided we would try our luck and get a table. Unfortunately there were no tables available inside, so we

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We somehow got into the bad habit of not eating breakfast on the weekend and just having a fairly average lunch. I decided that enough of bad habits, it’s time we turned ourselves around. After eating such a good breakfast, I felt so good for the rest of the day. It was so filling and

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