Iron Chef Shellie

Coconut Quinoa Porridge with Banana & Palm Sugar

Quinoa Porridge_FEATURE IMAGE

Quinoa. It’s still a popular ingredient, and there are so many possibilities when it comes to cooking it.  I’ve usually only made savoury dishes with it, but this recipe was a lovely breakfast option with a little sweetness. It is served at Melbourne’s Birdman Eating cafe, in Fitzroy. I must confess I’ve never actually been there, […]

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Food Photography Workshop – King Valley


In Victoria’s north, King Valley is a place that feeds and nurtures the soul. It is a place of lush green acres, vine filled hills, lovely locals and a place to really let your mind unwind, relax and be inspired around every corner.  It’s no wonder it was the first location for the Food Photography […]

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Cowboy Brownies

Cowboy Brownies_FEATURE IMAGE

I’m not on hiatus! I’ve just been a little bit busy. Ewen and I just recently hosted our first Food Photography Workshop and are planning the next one. It’s 62 days away if you are interested in joining us ( I hope to share a whole range of photos with you from the King Valley workshop […]

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