Iron Chef Shellie

New Flavours from Lindt


Rule number one: if you are going to send me chocolate to try, the answer will always be yes. I attended a chocolate masterclass a few years back at the Good Food and Wine Show, and also the opening of the Chapel Street Lindt Cafe and met master chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler on both occasions. Back […]

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Thermochef vs Thermomix


So here it is, my long awaited review; the battle between Thermochef vs Thermomix. Having owned and frequently used my Thermomix for about a month or so, I was given the opportunity to road test it against the Thermochef. I had my doubts, I had heard stories but decided to adopt a fair approach and attitude when […]

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Food Blogging with Microsoft Office for Mac

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang. So, fellow bloggers; who here has typed up a post in blogger, only to either click a button you thought would be harmless and lost all of your hard work? I had this problem countless times; but I learnt after that; draft in Microsoft Word, save that, then copy and paste […]

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Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea Challenge

I am a tea drinker, not a coffee drinker. I have at least 10 different types of tea in my house. My mood dictates what flavour I have. All around the world, countries have their own Twinings tea (Russian Caravan, Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast and New Zealand Breakfast). We have now decided it’s to time […]

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{Launch} Mövenpick @ Westfield Doncaster

I was lucky enough to score an invite to the launch of the new Mövenpick ice-cream kiosk at Westfield Doncaster last week. I brought along fellow blogger Cherrie, to help enjoy the VIP treatment of canapés, sparkling wine and free ice-cream…. how could she refuse? The Mövenpick kiosk is in the middle of the sleekly […]

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{Product Review} Marion’s Kitchen Thai Cooking Range

Remember Marion from Masterchef series 2? For a while there, we all thought she would win the cooking competition, but it came down to a satay sauce…. a sauce that sent her home.  Thankfully she has worked on her satay sauce techniques and launched her new range of easy to cook at home Thai food […]

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Bonne Maman Celebrates Mothers’ Day with Margaret Fulton

So I was lucky enough to score an invite to Bonne Maman’s Mothers’ Day breakfast with Margaret Fulton, to help launch the three new flavours; Redcurrant Jelly, Quince Jelly and Chestnut Cream. The invite came on a Bonne Maman jar! How adorable… and practical… mmmmm strawberry conserve. Tweet

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{Product Review} Philips Airfryer


If you’ve been following me on twitter on instagram/flickr, you would have known I’ve been putting the new Airfryer through some tests. The Airfryer was launched on April 1st 2011 – as a healthier alternative to deep frying. Whilst I had tweeted about receiving one for testing, a few suggested it was just merely an […]

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{Product Review} Syndian Natural Food Products

When you say “vegetarian” to some people, they screw up their face and think of bland, mushy, tasteless tofu dishes. I would probably be one of those people if I didn’t have a friend who is vegetarian. It really opened my eyes to the amazing options out there for vegetarians. When I’m choosing a restaurant […]

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{Product Review} Décor + Giveaway

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I had THE most delicious day, and will continue for about a week. Lots to blog; the awesome Mopho, Lux Bite and Remezzo, amongst other eats; so stayed tuned! But for now… Who here has been a victim of spillage when bringing your lunch into work? I most certainly […]

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