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Twinings Pyramid Infuser Tea & Earl Grey Tea Loaf

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This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. There is something so sophisticated about tea. Depending on the blend, it can transport you away, calm you down, soothe a bloated stomach, help with symptoms of a cold, or just keep you going. If you come to my house, you won’t find 1-2 blends of tea; you’ll find […]

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101 Reasons Why YOU Need A Skillet

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Ok, maybe not 101 reasons, I don’t have time to list them all. In fact I didn’t even have enough time to do all the recipes I wanted to before I put this post up, but if you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ll know skillets are so hot right now!  A cast iron skillet has […]

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Simple Dinners For Two: Sweet & Sticky Pork

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MAGGI Just for 2 – a NEW adult range of tasty recipe bases that are right Just for 2. The first dish my Mother taught me was my favourite stir fry dish. It’s one of those recipes you don’t write down, you go by feel..”a bit of this, a bit of that”. It’s still one […]

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Lavazza A Modo Mio & Chocolate Coffee Truffle Pots

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I’ve harped on about not being a coffee person HEAPS of times before. Only having a coffee perhaps… 3 times a year?  Hmmmmm…. yeah… I think I’ve been reborn… since High Coffee, I enjoy coffee now. And not some watered down latte with 3 sugars… oh no… the stronger the better, and don’t even attempt […]

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{Product Review} Breville Sous Vide Supreme

Sous Vide FEature image

Sous Vide. Before you go and bastardise the French language and read the whole post saying it wrong, let me tell you now; it’s pronounced ‘sue veed’ not “sue’s veeday”. Also, my photos aren’t up to normal standard. These were taken when I was between homes and lodging back with my parents. I had Mum […]

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La Madre Bakery Lamingtons

La Madre Bakery Lamingtons - Feature Image

I love a ‘lamo’ just as much as anyone. I’m yet to try the famous Flour & Stone ones, but until I can get up to Sydney I need a substitute. Luckily Amy from Run Forrest must have had a crystal ball and could feel my pain and delivered me some extra special lamingtons from […]

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Cloud 9 Frozen Yoghurt – Fro Yo Sandwich

Cloud 9 Feature Image

Quite possibly one of the coolest things I’ve been asked to be involved in I think! Check it out Iron Chef Shellie’s Voyage into the Clouds from Cloud 9 Frozen Yoghurt on Vimeo. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Remember what went up? It came down! Ok, okay, it didn’t really arrive to me like that Dad and I had […]

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Frozen In The Clouds – Up Up & Away!


… what goes up, must come down! Stay tuned  Images by Cloud 9 Frozen Yoghurt. Tweet

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Beef Cheek Sliders

Beek Cheek Sliders - Feature Image

I would have never thought you could taste the difference between grass fed and grain fed beef until the day I tried grass fed. I was in Thomas Dux one day and there was some on special so I picked some up. I cooked it up and Hamsley said he could even smell the difference […]

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Polish Honey Cake

Polish Honey Cake Feature image

If you ask me if I want a coffee, the answer will always be no. I am a tea person. I used to have the occasional mocha (hot chocolate + coffee), but I practically only drink tea and water these days. My main two favourites are Earl Grey and green tea (Chinese or Japanese, I’m […]

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