Iron Chef Shellie

{Product Review} New Wave Pizza Oven

New Wave Pizza Oven - Feature image

If there is one appliance I think you should ask Santa for this Christmas (other than a Thermomix ;)), it should be one of these New Wave Just Pizza Maker. Thanks a little help from, and a little help from my bank account, my dreams became reality. My friend Alana would make me the […]

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MAGGI Just For 2 + Giveaway!

MAGGI Meatballs Feature Image

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. As much as I LOVE being single and cooking for one, most recipes “serve 4”.. which is great, as when I’m too lazy to half the ingredients, I cook for 4 and have lots of leftovers to keep me well fed during the week. But sometimes, I get sick […]

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#GGBreadRevolution – No Knead Bread

GG bread feature image

How do you feel about making your own bread? Are you one that makes their own loaf everyday, kneading away and have bulging forearms? Or does the shear thought of working with yeast scare you into a corner, with your arms crossed over your chest whilst you rock back and forth, trying to think of […]

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{Thermomix Thursday} Pesto

Thermomix Pesto Feature image

I know there are quite a few of you missing my Thermomix posts, so fret no more! Let’s be honest, you don’t need to own a Thermomix to make pesto, but if you’ve got one, why the hell wouldn’t you? The recipe I used is from Pete Evans’ new pizza book, but that is in a […]

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Rigatoni with Spiced Prawns, Tomatoes & Chorizo


This recipe sure sounded nice, and it did infact taste nice too, but was it worth it? I did a few alterations, like not cooking the shallots as long as I should have (I got impatient), and I used a tin of tomatoes a few small fresh tomatoes, instead of using 6 large fresh tomatoes. […]

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Jools’ Pregnant Pasta

So after Cherrie had been cooking practically non-stop from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals cookbook, I started watching the TV show and now want to cook everything from the cookbook. This recipe goes with a salad and a dessert of frangipane tarts, but instead I made a banana cake (recipe to come) as I had some rather […]

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Cooking with Spring Garlic

SpringGarlic 1

Yes it looks more like a spring onion, but it is actually spring garlic. Spring garlic is the garlic planted and harvested before the bulb has formed. It has a more mild flavour, which means it can be eaten raw in salads, but also makes for the most delicious garlic bread. The whole plant can […]

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Arancini with Mil Lel Parmesan Cheese


Guy Grossi has come up with some delicious recipes using Mil Lel Cheese. Mil Lel cheese is actually my normal choice for parmesan cheese when it comes to doing the shopping. I like the sharp taste of it, and the different varieties I can get it in: whole blocks, or grated. I’ve been wanting to […]

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Deconstructed Lasagne

Theme 14: Hearty Cookbook Used: Delicious. More Please Author: Valli Little My plating sucks, looks more like spaghetti bolognaise. I bumped into a client on the street a few months ago, and she told me a friend had made her the deconstructed lasagne from Valli Little’s book for dinner, and it was absolutely amazing. We […]

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{Masterchef Magazine Recipe} Spaghetti & Meatballs

Cherrie recently dubbed me the meatball queen, to which I am honored to hold such a title I have made meatballs for every Cooking The Books we have done (wontons count as meatballs, they are meatballs wrapped in wonton skin!). I haven’t really made that many meatball recipes at home this year though, and the […]

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