Iron Chef Shellie

Jazz Apple Tart


Jazz Apple season is in full swing again. I decided to make a smaller version of the gorgeous looking fine apple tart from Flour & Stone. I watched this video about 10 times, but still couldn’t get my apples to stand up the way they do. So I just cooked it the way it looks […]

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Lemon Yoghurt Apple Cake with Lemongrass & Ginger Syrup

Lemon Yoghurt & Apple Cake_FEATURE IMAGE

Earlier this year, Helados Jauja flicked me an email with a collaboration proposal. It was the height of Summer, it was hot, and ice-cream seemed like a good idea. Jauja ice-creams are genuinely artisan, crafted from only fresh produce without any gelatine, colouring or flavouring. Each ice-cream is made from individually crafted recipes. carefully designed to […]

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Puffed Apple & Berry Pancake

Puffed Pancake - Feature Image

I’ve wanted to make a puffed apple pancake for some years now. Not months. YEARS.  Yesterday I was determined to not wait any longer, and got to the task of making it before catching up with Alana and venturing down to the Monet exhibition; which is amazing, you should go check it out before it […]

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Cinnamon Sugar Dusted Maple Apple Cake

Jazz apples Feature Image

Wishing my Dad a very Happy 60th Birthday today!  Look Dad, I made you this cake.. you’ll get to gobble it up tonight, after dinner… if you eat all your greens I made it with the very popular variety of apples that people are going gaga over, Jazz Apples. ♣ ♣ ♣ A few weeks ago I […]

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Lamb, Rosemary & Apple Sausage Rolls

I never thought I’d buy Annabel Langbein’s cookbook; The Free Range Cook, since I’ve never seen her TV show, or knew anything about her. But I had a quick flick through when I saw the book in the bargain bin at Big W a while ago and realised there were some good recipe in there… […]

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Poulet Valee D’Auge (Norman Style Chicken with Jazz Apples)

It’s the season for sweet, crunchy Jazz. Jazz Apples that is! Jazz Apples are a cross between Gala and Braeburn apples. What does that mean if you don’t know your apples? It means they have a firm but dense flesh and a tangy, sweet flavour. The season lasts from mid-April until October. Tweet

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Bircher Muesli with Stone Fruit

I’m trying to do as many recipes that I been gawking at for months, even years that involve the deliciousness of summer stone fruit. There are a few mango recipes that I’m afraid are going to have to wait until next season, as I’ve missed the boat. For now I’m concentrating on peaches, nectarines and […]

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Apple, Dried Cherry & Almond Loaf

Yesterday a few of us had a deep fry vs air fry lunch. Cherrie even deep fried crumbed cheese (cheddar and Camembert) and may I tell you, whilst it was all delicious, there is such a thing as too much fried food. After sipping gallons of green tea and being as active as possible after […]

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{Eating Out} Lux Bite

Melbourne’s answer to Adriano Zumbo? I’ve not been to Zumbo in Sydney… YET. But I’ve seen enough to think when Zumbo finally opens in Melbourne he may just have a bit of competition. Lux Bite is a cute little cafe with gorgeous looking desserts with quirky names. The staff are extremely friendly, and their enthusiasm […]

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{Cooking The Books} Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

At the last cooking the books feast, I suggested a Nigella Lawson book, after we decided we didn’t want to do Bourke Street Bakery. Agnes flicked through a few of Nigella’s books that were in Cherrie’s collection, and we decided on her latest book, Kitchen. ALTHOUGH…. as I began to do this post, I noticed […]

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