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{Tales from the Belly} Merchants Guild • 8 Days Cafe

Merchants Guild Feature Image

Buckwheat pancakes with grilled pear, chocolate fudge, hazelnuts and a naughty whiskey maple syrup $14.50 When Lianne posted photos of her pancakes from Merchant’s Guild, BBFF Daisy and I both shouted from the rooftops WE HAD to try them ASAP! Being the social butterflies we are, finding a date to mutually agree on was a challenge. So […]

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Turning 28 with Chocolate Cake

Choc Cake Feature Image

Today I turn 28. For some reason, I like being an even number instead of an odd number.  I also like even numbers on the volume control in my car. OCD much? I think that being 28 will be a great year for me. I’m looking forward to change. Something new, something fresh, something exciting, […]

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Peanut Butter Jelly Time Cake

Peanut Butter Jelly Feature image

My friend April is having a bebe!! It’s a long story… well not really, I just can’t be bothered explaining it…. but her and her hubs have nicknamed the baby “Peanut”. There is another story where you had to be there, about why Peanut’s surname is Sparty.  Wow, exciting blog post this is ey? Lots […]

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Strawberry Meringue Layer Cake

Strawberry-Mergine-Layer-Cake Feature Image

Things that have become a must do for me  in Summer over the past few years are to pick berries or cherries. So with two of my favourite girls in tow, Katie and Alana, we went down to Red Hill to the best strawberry farm ever. Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm has THE sweetest strawberries, and […]

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Cheat’s Bombe Alaska

Cheats Bombe Alaska - Feature image

My awesome Grandma first introduced me to Bombe Alaska… I think…. She would make a sponge base, douse it in liquor, put an ice-cream cake on top, then covered it in whipped eggwhites and blow torched it. She once went to Bunnings for an industrial “blow torch”…. and my Dad was having heart palpitations watching […]

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Iced Vovo Layer Cake

Iced Vovo Cake - Feature image

Where to start with this one. There was the part where the two layers didn’t rise enough for me to cut layers, so I baked another two…. And instead of cutting them down, I just levelled them, resulting in an epic cake. There was the part where I decided assembling a layer cake was a […]

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Iron Chef Shellie Turns 5!

Iron Chef Shellie turns 5 - feature image

Has it really been 5 years since Iron Chef Shellie was born? Wowee how the time flies! To go with tradition, of course I made a cake for the ye olde blog to celebrate. It was an Indonesian layer cake, since I now have an oven and grill that actually work properly. I’ll post the […]

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Guinness Gingerbread

Guiness Gingerbread - Feature Image

Hola!! I’m finally back in action. I’ve moved into my new place, hosted Christmas Eve dinner, and FINALLY been connected to the internet. I am still unpacking stuff, living on leftover Christmas ham and turkey, and have been tackling the cray cray crowds at the sales. I’m loving my new place, the kitchen has an […]

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{Wedding Of The Year} Ms I-Hua & Zeboy Get Hitched!

Haz Gaz Wedding Feature Image

Food blogging royalty, Ms. I-Hua and Zeboy recently said ‘I Do’ after being together for something like 11 years! Not only was I invited to such a prestigious event, I was asked to help with the wedding cakes, along with fellow bake-a-holic Thanh. I immediately said yes, even though I had a feeling it wouldn’t […]

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Blueberry Crumble Cake

Blueberry Crumble Cake - Feature Image

Another fortnight, another trip to my lovely Grandma’s house. Mum was in charge of bringing dinner, and I volunteered my services for dessert. I was keen to try making a linzer torte, but I was having an bit of a stressful week and wasn’t myself. So when it came time to attempt rolling out my […]

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