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{Tales from the Belly of Iron Chef Shellie} Foodie Fridays • High Tea at the Movies • Souper Burger

Welcome to my new segment; Tales from the belly of Iron Chef Shellie. I’ll be doing this sporadically, rounding up a few things I’ve been eating and doing. I am most proud of the name to be honest! I racked my brains for weeks trying to think of something,  then it came to me after a drive home from Souper Burger!

I finally snapped a photo of my favourite tram going around at the moment, a Hello Kitty one!

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Foodie Fridays

So a few weeks ago my co-worker Shaye and I didn’t know what to have for lunch. I was craving real cafe food like corn fritters and bacon, but didn’t know where I could get that in my 30 minute lunch break. So I decided, I’d make it on the humble sandwich press at work. At my first job, a guy used to cook steak and eggs on a sandwich press, so I thought I could manage this challenge. I came to work on the Friday with my corn fritter mixture in a bowl, bacon, tomato relish and some plates from home, enough to cook up lunch for the two of us. Come lunch time, I fired up the sandwich press and got cooking. Since I was cooking with a raw batter, it took some time, but I eventually got there, and the bacon crisped up nicely too. Next time I make this I think I’ll make the fritters at home to save on time, and crisp them up on the sandwich press.

We were both impressed at my cooking ability at work, we wondered what else could be done with a humble microwave and sandwich press.

The following Friday Shaye did a steamed fish with vegies in the microwav. I was super mega sick and couldn’t get enough of healthy vegies and delicious fish. Since then we have had banh mi, pad thai and sausage rolls, all mostly created at work using these two modern day appliances. Shaye’s pad thai she did in the microwave was probably my favourite, although she did fry off the chicken at home. We now take it in turns as to who cooks, and who brings dessert. It’s a good way to end the week :)

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High Tea at the Movies

Cinema Nova on Lygon street has started a new in-cinema experience ‘High Tea at the Movies’.

My friend Alana and I went down to check it out, on a cold, rainy wintery afternoon. We indulged in some lovely sandwiches, and sweet tarts, as watched the French comedy ‘Le Chef’. Both of us are self confessed nanas at heart, so we really enjoyed sitting back in the extra comfy seats, with a pot of tea on hand. A glass of Pimms was also on offer, but after waking up way to early for breakfast that day, all I could think about was a cup of tea.

For more information and session times; head over to:

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Souper Burger

My lovely friend Katie and her boy Andy bought their very own apartment in St Kilda, *yay!* Hamsley and I went to visit them to see how awesome their place was fully furnished, since we had seen it mid-makeover. Of course it was amazing as Katie is quite the crafty little thing. But naturally we got hungry and wondered down to the heart of St Kilda for food. We really wanted to go to Radio Mexico, and the smell coming from the kitchen there was just the kind of food I was craving… but after paying a small fortune for parking as you do in St Kilda, being told the wait for a table of four was 1.5 hours, we decided to take our bellies elsewhere.

Katie and Andy had been to a burger joint up the other end of the road so we headed for there, Souper Burger. It’s name is spelt the way it is because they serve soup and burgers. It’s a little hole in the wall store, with a few seats which suited us just fine. Service was a bit weird as it seems to be a one man show for now, but non the less, the one man running it was lovely. All the burgers on the menu are apparently named after people that helped set up the shop.

Hamish decided to get the biggest burger on the menu ‘Pol’. It was like two patties,two sliced of cheese beetroot, egg, bacon, … but he loved it, and suprised us all by finishing it!

I ordered a ‘Tim’ which was like your basic burger… but I got gherkins, jalapenos and Sriracha hot sauce added to it. He wasn’t sparing with the hot sauce either which I was pleased with. For me, it was the perfect burger there… I think I was trying to recreate the Denise burger from Huxtaburger. I can’t seem to get enough chilli these days, and I’ve been trying to add Sriaracha to most things, even sausage rolls which works well! The guy was suprised I didn’t find it hot enough! The funniest moment was when he asked us if we would be there for a while, and he ducked down to the supermarket to refill the softdrinks in the fridge.

We will be back for more burgers here, that’s for sure. Perhaps even soup or a steak sanga!

Souper Burger on Urbanspoon

 Iron Chef Shellie dined as a paying customer at Souper Burger, but as a guest at Cinema Nova.

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25 Responses to “{Tales from the Belly of Iron Chef Shellie} Foodie Fridays • High Tea at the Movies • Souper Burger”
  1. Sriracha! Love the idea of the Greatest Sauce in the World on that burger! I’m super impressed with your sandwich press lunch… creative and delicious!

  2. Mez says:

    That burger place sounds THE BOMB!
    I always see the HK tram on my way to work and am never, ever quick enough to take a photo.
    It makes me smile every time I see it though, saw a Barbie one the other day and it had NOTHING
    on the HK one.

    Sandwich press lunch is awesome, Hamish cooks his sous vide steaks off in the to brown them he also cooks sous vide sausages in it too (also to brown them). He is crazy like that though, I just use the press for sandwiches hahahahaaha

    Mez recently posted..Mascara Angst

    • Iron Chef Shellie says:

      So true, the Barbie tram is no where near as cool!
      Hamish is very clever with this cooking techniques, I must try that when I try his sous vide!

  3. April says:

    Souper name for your new segments hehehe :)

    And I forgot to compliment you on how AWESOME your new blog layout is!
    April recently posted..Photo Sundays: South Wharf Promenade Progressive Dinner

  4. Michelle says:

    I’ve seen this picture on tumblr that states how sriracha dominates the food pyramid. Maybe you’re undergoing that phase. Lol!
    Michelle recently posted..Good friends are the best therapists.

  5. Katie says:

    Awww. Thanks for the love. <3

    Souper Burger is awesome! And I think being asked to 'look after the place' just topped it off.

    Glad I got to share it with you guys.


  6. Libby says:

    Those burgers look better than Hungry Jacks!
    Libby recently posted..Robina Esq.

  7. love2dine says:

    Beautiful , inspirering pic that really look great

  8. The high tea at the movies looks divine… how gorgeous. I’ll have to see if my local movie offers a high tea offer.
    Tania @ A Perfect Pantry recently posted..Satay Beef and Turmeric Rice

  9. I love this segment! I’m excited to see more :D

    Your work lunches are so awesome, way to utilise what you have available! I love the idea of high tea at the movies, too.
    Kristy @ Southern In-Law recently posted..Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Story

  10. Winston says:

    LOVIN’ this new series, Michele! I remember seeing all these photos on Instagram and drooling over them too. HAVE to make a trip down to St Kilda for the Souper Burger… Wee~! =)
    Winston recently posted..The Premises, Kensington

  11. I LOVE that you used the sandwich press for fritters haha. Thats awesome! Im totally doing that :)
    Nic@diningwithastud recently posted..The Wedding! The Tea Room, Gunners Barracks – Mosman

  12. I love these new posts Shellie :) I love seeing what you get up to on a daily basis and where you end up eating ~ I really want to try that High Tea at the movies and the Souper Burger because I know Mr Bao would love it!
    Daisy@Nevertoosweet recently posted..Masterpiece – Zumbo’s V8 Cake

  13. Thanh says:

    Your Friday cookups are great. You two are like Bear Grylls of the kitchen. When are you going to do a Heston recipe using those two devices?
    Thanh recently posted..Prahran Market – Good Food Everywhere

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