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Bonne Maman Celebrates Mothers’ Day with Margaret Fulton

So I was lucky enough to score an invite to Bonne Maman’s Mothers’ Day breakfast with Margaret Fulton, to help launch the three new flavours; Redcurrant Jelly, Quince Jelly and Chestnut Cream.

The invite came on a Bonne Maman jar! How adorable… and practical… mmmmm strawberry conserve.

Unfortunately for me, the event was held in Sydney; at Baroque Bistro with renowed pastry chef, Jean Michel Raynaud. I was unable to get the day off to fly to Sydney ….. although I would have loved to if I had endless funds. (Note to self; become a lady of leisure.)

Eighty guests joined Margaret Fulton (the Mother of cooking in Australia) and her family for a French themed breakfast. Margaret, her daughter, Suzanne Gibbs and her granddaughters Louise Fulton Keats and Kate Gibbs must be one of the most talented families of women in the Australian food industry. Between the four of them they’ve published countless cookbooks, studied at Cordon Bleu and written and produced for the food media for many years.

“Mother’s Day is an important tradition in our house and we always celebrate with good food and all the family. Bonne Maman is full of natural goodness and I’ve been very proud to be apart of this wonderful Bonne Maman event today,” said Margaret.

Guests were also treated to a goodie bag, included the new Bonne Maman cookbook…. which I actually got for my birthday a few days ago from my birthday Amazon order:

It’s a gorgeous book with recipes for each season, as well as load of practical ways to re-use the gorgeous iconic Bonne Maman jar.

You may remember that I’ve already had some delicious experiences with Bonne Maman products, and I’ll be cooking from the book and trying the new range soon; so stay tuned!! I’m really looking forward to trying the chestnut cream!

So what are you doing for Mothers’ Day? Have you organised a present yet? I suggest you throw a jar of Bonne Maman in there too! ;) ;)

Bonne Maman is available from Coles for $4.99.

Images of the Bonne Maman breakfast supplied thanks to 360 Focus.

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8 Responses to “Bonne Maman Celebrates Mothers’ Day with Margaret Fulton”
  1. Gotta love interesting invites! Particularly interesting, delicious invites :)
    Conor @ Hold the Beef recently posted..Happy Mum Day

  2. I love that invite, so adorable. What a shame you couldn’t get the day off. Seriously, Michele, become that lady of leisure already! :)
    Heidi xo
    Heidi – Apples Under My Bed recently posted..Searching for the Perfect Hot Cross Bun

  3. Sefie says:

    Chestnut cream!? I’m there! I don’t eat jam very often, and I prefer to buy locally produced ones from farmer’s markets, but Bonne Maman still makes the best cherry jam I’ve tasted so far.
    Sefie recently posted..Catering to Food Allergies- Sensitivities and Preferences – The Tao of Taste

  4. Tell the boss he needs to get his priorities right! :)

  5. Mez says:

    I love those jammmmmmmmmmmms!!
    Such a shame you couldn’t get the day off :( :( :(
    Perhaps next year!!
    Mez recently posted..Food That Scares Me

  6. Hannah says:

    I’ve rarely buy or eat jams, but chestnut cream? I’m going to buy that as soon as it appear in a Coles here! I wonder if I could make a mont blanc with it…

    P.S. I agree with earlier commenters – your boss needs to rethink things a little ;)
    Hannah recently posted..How Not To Freak Out A Daughter

  7. BUmmer…. we need to work hard to be lady of leisure!

  8. How sucky! I would love to meet Margaret we have one of her bibles on our shelf and it is to go to for anything traditional (that is traditional for those of us with boring old English heritage).

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