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Eating Out: Treasure

One from the archives this time. Not many words, mostly pictures. This is because:

a) I can’t remember the names for everything

b) I don’t know the  price of anything

c) These dishes are the usual suspects when the family and I go out for yum cha

The mini hot dogs usually come out on the first trolley. Dad, my cousins and I like to share a plate to get started. The bread is sweet and sticky.

We usually go to Treasure as the food is always good, and Dad says the chicken feet here are the best. He will eat 6 baskets on his own if you let him. However our latest trip there, we found it wasn’t as good, and the prices had gone up! Will see next time if it’s back to normal standards.

My favourite is the siu mai (the one with the orange dot in the middle), with pork and prawn filling. I have loved these for as long as I can remember. The table looks surprisingly clean here. Usually it’s covered in random sauce drippings from everyone helping themselves.

More random yummies.

We don’t always get char siu pow, but on this occasion we did. Just looking at the photo makes me want one.

We ALWAYS get dessert though!

Clockwise from top left: coconut jelly (my favourite), egg tarts, the bill after we had eaten everything, and 2 colour jelly which my cousins and pull apart the layers to consume separately.

Treasure Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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37 Responses to “Eating Out: Treasure”
  1. have u tried taipan in doncaster? that one is pretty decent too.
    well at least i though it was decent (including all other yum cha places in melb for that matter) until i visited Tim Ho Wun (in Mong Kok, Hong kong) – cheapest michellin star restaurant. i swear i ate to my fullest and it cost much much much less than eating here… MICHELIN STAR!!!! it was awesome – the skin was paper thin but held together nicely, the meat was subtly savoury, and the like is super super epic.gee i might as well write a post on this … better dig up photos from my holiday
    Almostalwaysravenous recently posted..Al’s Photography 1

  2. Massive late night dim sum craving now, damn you.

    I’m also amazed by the cleanliness of your table!
    Conor @ HoldtheBeef recently posted..In the garden of cupcakes- baby

  3. Dim sum?

    Dim sum!?

    Without me?

    Travesty Shellie

  4. Leah says:

    Dumplings, tea, sweets!!! What more could you ask for in a beautiful yum cha spread?
    I adore those little custard tart’s the pastry is always perfection, so flaky and crisp..
    Leah recently posted..Etsy Store!!

  5. Hannah says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve been to yum cha! Last time I went, I remember getting chicken feet (not a fan) and cold jellyfish salad (awesome).

    And it’s not yum cha unless you end with those egg tarts, right? :)
    Hannah recently posted..PB &amp J Nuts- An Impossible Dream

  6. billy@ATFT says:

    Three baskets of chicken feet! Swoon….. i bet your dad is like my dad, always love those awkward bits like feet, fish head, etc :P
    billy@ATFT recently posted..Chefs Gallery 中厨 – Sydney CBD

    • Iron Chef Shellie says:

      haha, no chicken feet is about it. oh I guess he does like trotters and tripe too… i know he doesn’t do fish head though!

  7. Looks great, we just had similar at Gold Leaf Springvale, almost the sames dishes! It seemed a little better than I remember last time, may try this one next time. That table is definitely too clean. Ours was a disgrace! Thanks
    The Brewers Wife recently posted..Why I Can’t Swallow a Horse

    • Iron Chef Shellie says:

      I must try the Springvale one. Went to the Burwood one just on the weekend! Yes, the table was way too clean! I can’t explain why!

  8. It’s pretty hard to record down all the prices and names of everything when you are dining in a such a large group! I’m surprised everyone had the patience to wait until you took photos before digging in!

    Great photos with the camera too. I’m starting to think there is something wrong with my camera, though it’s probably because I’m a poor photographer and I am only using it at night!
    April @ My Food Trail recently posted..Dining Out- Thai Thai Restaurant- Hawthorn

  9. That’s a lot of chicken feet! All looks scrumptious.
    Sara @ Belly Rumbles recently posted..WLG – Wellington on a Plate

  10. I always can’t remember the stuff that I eat at YumCha… way too many dishes.
    penny aka jeroxie recently posted..Fresh seafood everywhere – Sydney Fish Market

  11. I LOVE those sausage rolls, as they remind me of my childhood! I always eat them when I’m in Singapore, but haven’t seen them at yum cha. And haha I see 3 baskets of chicken feet. Usually Soy eats a whole serve herself cos I’m not a fan. And wu kok (the deep fried yam fritter) is one of my all-time faves!
    Honey @ honeyandsoy recently posted..Earl Grey Cookies

  12. Ladybird says:

    Yum cha rocks! I recently did a yum cha post and, like yours, was more of a photographic account than a detailed write up. But hey, sometimes photos say it all :)
    Ladybird recently posted..Strawberry Shortcake

  13. Treasure is the best!! My man’s family got us into it. My favourite is siu mai too :) And another one I can’t think of – the names often elude me too. I’m not a huge yum cha dessert fan, but i do love the sticky black sesame roll thing (if you know what I’m talking about).
    I have never tried chicken feet – they creep me out. Maybe one day :)
    Heidi xo
    Heidi – Apples Under My Bed recently posted..Morning Muffins

  14. Brad Fallon says:

    That looks soooo good! Massive dim sum craving happening now!

  15. Anh says:

    I can never remember what I eat @ yum cha either! Thats why photos are always good :)
    Anh recently posted..A moment in life 43 – Au naturel

  16. Now I am craving for yum cha although I just had my lunch!!
    Ellie (Almost Bourdain) recently posted..Slow-Briased Pulled Pork Pasta with Oven Roasted Truss Tomatoes

  17. I find it hard remembering all the names of the food I eat at yum cha too. nice photos as well. Have you ever tried the all you can eat chinese buffett restaurant in Burwood? it’s worth checking out. The food is fantastic

  18. Oh now I’m just going to have to have Yum Cha again soon…, cravings have started seeing all this. This spread looks amazing. Must have…..
    Anna Johnston recently posted..A FOOD RESCUE – OZHARVEST

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