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Eating Out In Tasmania: Mures

My notes on Mures were so brief 8 months ago, this will be more like a photo diary… this is what we ate:

Fisherman’s Basket (main meal size) $15.00

The scallops were a good size and the fish had a curry flavour to it, possibly in the batter?
Everything was hot and crisp, perfect on a chilly day.

Seafood Chowder (soup of the day) $6.50

A blended liquid of mixed seafood, had a lovely smokey flavour.

Mures Pizza $19.90

A nice crispy pizza base, full of fresh seafood, including; scallops, prawns and fish.

I remember it all being delicious, and the place having a lovely atmosphere. It is more like a pub where you order you meals at the counter, but there is nothing wrong with that! A lovely variety of fresh seafood also on offer. I wouldn’t hesitate going back again.

Victoria Dock Hobart
Hobart Tasmania 7000
Phone: (03) 6231 2009
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5 Responses to “Eating Out In Tasmania: Mures”
  1. Hannah says:

    That seafood chowder sounds just about perfect right now! I'm also happily logging away all of these places for the next time I visit my uncle in Hobart :)

  2. penny aka jeroxie says:

    You remind me that I have a backlog of Tassie posts too… heh
    Great post lovely! time to head back again soon?

  3. Helen (Grab Your Fork) says:

    I know what you mean about being behind in travel posts. I have such a huge backlog of travel eats! The chowder sounds great but I'm a bit worried by the curry flavoured fish! lol

  4. Jo - SecondHelping says:

    I think Mures was one of the first places I ate at in Hobart – I remember great atmosphere and loads of seafood. Well done on getting the post done pictures are great for prompting the memory. I have just been in NZ and forgot my camera so if I do anything is will be sans photo.

  5. Iron Chef Shellie says:

    Hi Hannah – Oh good! I'm glad they can be of some use! I want more chowder!

    Hi Penny – haha, you will get there.. i'd love to head back soon!

    Hi Helen – haha the curry flavoured fish wasn't bad, just different!

    Hi Jo – Thanks =D … oh no! forgetting your camera would have been rather upsetting!!

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