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Eating Out: Madeline’s At Jells

I like to spend my Sundays either as lazy as possible, or going somewhere new and exciting. I was planning on going to the Mornington Markets, as they were raising money for breast cancer on that particular Sunday. However, I was far too tired and had swollen, aching feet from the Joshua Radin concert the night before, I opted for one of those lazy Sunday days.

I have riden my bike to Jell’s Park since I was a wee tacker. On recent trips, and actually paying attention to my surroundings a little more; I noticed there was a nice looking cafe there.

Since it was already past 12pm, breakfast was no longer being served, so we had to choose from the lunch menu. Not really a problem as there was so many delicious sounding things to choose from.

Chicken and Hazelnut Salad

I ordered the chicken and hazelnut salad because I had never had 2 of my favorite things combined like that before. The chicken was coated in a hazelnut dukkha, and cooked to perfection; not dry at all. It worked perfectly with the balsamic glaze, lettuce, sweet potatoes, and my favorite ingredient in the salad; pears! All things I wouldn’t really think to put together, but worked as a taste sensation.

Steak with Chips and a Mushroom Ragu

My dining partner was tossing up between steak and chips or pie of the day. So much tossing up that when he ordered a pie, he then changed it to steak. I told the waitress to write it down and leave before he changed his mind again!
The steak was cooked perfectly, nice and tender. It was a perfect portion size.

I don’t normally eat dessert at the same place I eat my main meal at. I usually like to go for a walk and find somewhere else. But when we spotted chocolate springrolls on the menu, we knew there was going to be dessert straight after lunch. I spied another table ordering scones, and they were massive and made my mouth water .. just a touch.
Chocolate Springrolls with Ice-Cream, Cream and Strawberries
Our friendly waitress came over to lay down some cutlery for the springrolls. She didn’t know how we wanted to cut them up so we eat got a fork, a knife and a spoon. I used all three, my dining partner used the spoon from his latte.

I had no idea what to expect from chocolate springrolls. When they came to the table I was in awe of how awesome they looked.

It wasn’t until we cut through the crispy shell, and the chocolate just oozed out, like making the first cut into a chocolate fondant. I immediately grabbed my camera for this Kodak moment.
You can tell they have used quality chocolate in the dish; which is good because cheap and nasty chocolate would just totally wreck it. Perfectly teamed with vanilla ice-cream, cream and gorgeous strawberries; I want more as I sit here reminiscing about it.

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9 Responses to “Eating Out: Madeline’s At Jells”
  1. Ellie says:

    Love chocolate spring rolls! I make them at home with twix bars. YUM!! Beautiful location for lunch!

  2. A Girl Called E says:

    i haven't had breakfast and im starving… and now i dont think i can settle for anything short of a chocolate spring roll!

  3. Esz says:

    Woah! Chocolate spring rolls look divine! WANT.


  4. Chris says:

    The steak looks like a bit of dirty meal with no salad on there! But that hazelnut chicken looks other-worldy !! The choco-spring rolls mmhhh!! Shellie you must review the chocolate dumplings at the chinese tea house!!! also sinfully good!!

  5. Agnes says:

    Chocolate spring rolls – what a brilliant idea! They look fantastic. Looks like you had lunch in some lovely surroundings too. :)

  6. Conor @ HoldtheBeef says:

    oh what are you doing to me with that close-up of the springroll?!?!! I was quite happy, sitting here with no chocolate springroll, and now I am hungry and forlorn. Luckily I am easily distracted from this by the happy duck photos :)

  7. Howard says:

    Food looks fab, the choc spring rolls look like the choc cigars on Masterchef! yum.

  8. chocolatesuze says:

    zomg chocolate springrolls looked so awesome! i want i want!

  9. Iron Chef Shellie says:

    Hi Ellie – OMG with twix bars? AWESOME.. I LOVE twix! Will be trying that one.

    Hi A Girl Called E – Sorry for that love, hope you managed to get through the day :P

    Hi Esz – Oh, but they were!!

    Hi Chris – LOL. Yes Chris, as long as you are there to keep me company =)

    Hi Agnes – I know! Awesome idea! Was a very pretty place to have lunch.

    Hi Conor – hahaha, sorry about that babe… glad the ducks at the end came in handy:P

    Hi Howard – Yes, they certainly do look like the MC cigars!

    Hi ChocolateSuze – Come here and we will get you some! =)

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